Shijiazhuang man jailed for pedestrians rushed abnormal ink ink for stimulating mixture of

Shijiazhuang man jailed for pedestrians rushed abnormal ink ink for stimulating mixed urine Shijiazhuang abnormal male ink ink seeking to stimulate the pedestrian rushed for mixed urine

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(reporter Zhang Qiao) from May 2015 to July in the evening, Lee driving a motorcycle, Jiamou several times in the District of Shijiazhuang city using a syringe ink to pedestrians. For a time, "" abnormal male "nocturnal post began to spread in Post Bar, micro-blog, WeChat and other media, in some people triggered panic. The day before, Shijiazhuang city Yuhua District People’s court heard the case, made a guilty verdict of two people.

May 13, 2015 at 21:55 PM, Lee Jia, driving a motorcycle traveling to the west of Shijiazhuang palace and peaceful village intersection by the big arch, sitting in the back seat of the car Lee with a syringe to walk the white one, bing a head face and body spray ink. About 22:50 on June 30th, two young women passing by Huai An Road, non motorized road and Tangu South Street intersection southwest corner, Lee, Jiamou suddenly to their jet unknown liquid, two women on the body, face everywhere exudes the smell of the liquid. The two woman hurried to the police, after identification, two women were sprayed on the body for liquid ink.

after the incident, the police to arrest, the two soon. It is understood that in late June 30, 2015 to the early morning of July 1st, the capital of a total of 4 cases occurred in female cases of ink. In addition to occur in Huai An Road and Tangu South Street intersection in this case, Huaqiang Plaza, North train station and railway thirty-four quarters also occurred in a similar case.

after the arrest, the two men Yinjiamou girlfriend being someone with a splash paint, to seek stimulation, threatening to others, two people decide to buy ink and syringes, driving a motorcycle, choose to prevent weak women as targets of crime, in the District of Shijiazhuang city using the injector jet ink to pedestrians. Because at that time was thrown at all do not know what is, many people worry that some corrosive chemicals, causing social panic.

0:45 on July 1, 2015, two people in the implementation of the fifth cases, the residual ink is not much, Jiamou also want to go to the toilet, Lee advised him to syringe mixed with urine, then two people came to the site of the incident, by sitting in the back seat of the Jiamou use a syringe to walk Liu, Zhang’s head and face and the body spray mixture of ink and urine.

Yuhua District Court held that the defendant Lee, Jiamou in public places, driving a motorcycle, taken to pedestrians spray ink way to seek stimulation, to vent emotions and intimidate others, out of nothing, vile, their behavior had constituted the crime of affray. The facts of the crime alleged by the public prosecution organ are clear, the evidence is sufficient, and the charges are set up. The defendant, Jia Mou, has a crime.