Shuai Shuai Hong Kong has been ready to meet the satisfaction of the training

Eriksson: Hong Kong has been doing intermittent period satisfactory preparation team training Erickson (data plan) morning news correspondent Yu Jiong (Nanjing, October 14) disappointing due to the impending war Orangemen again this season in the ending drama and was on the side of. From the beginning of the weekend, the league’s final four round will be completed in the next half a month. Currently ranked fourth in the Shanghai round of the current round of the game against Jiangsu ranked Suning, which is the most critical game on the road for the team on the road to three. Before the game, the Hong Kong Club official conference — before the poster of this game "sprint acceleration", with particular reference to the season’s goal is to ensure that more than AFC Champions League qualifications, but also for the top three. In the 26 round of the league, the Hong Kong team accumulated 43 points, more than third city team Shenhua 2 points less, but the competitors have another advantage, is the mutual record dominant, which is equal to the Hong Kong team leading 2.5 points. On the calendar, Shenhua is also quite good. When the Hong Kong team battled when round away Jiangsu Suning, it is likely that they will win in the home court Wuyuwuqiu, and on the players communicate harmonious relationship with Henan jianye. Once the current round, the two teams to further widen the gap, then no matter from the pursuit of difficulty, or psychological pressure on the Hong Kong team will be in a very unfavorable position. So tonight away from the Soviet Union and the importance of a war is evident. In order to better prepare for the game, the Hong Kong team on Thursday afternoon high-speed rail arrived in Nanjing. Yesterday afternoon’s press conference, coach Erickson said the team did well in the League intermittent period of preparation, "everyone trained very hard, whether it is physical or mental outlook. I am satisfied with their performance in training." The Hong Kong team players are really hard, such as El Kessen and hulk of the two big foreign aid, in the days of the holiday special team at the team’s training base for 4 days of special training for myself is to be used in the League sprint stage one hundred percent good state. 4 players on the Hong Kong team, and Zhou Sicai to join the team, starting in Nanjing before the team conducted a training course. Before the game, Cai Huikang said the fatigue is certainly there, but for the last four games key League, for tomorrow’s AFC Champions League qualification, we will go all out. Of course, the current round of the Hong Kong team Jiangsu Suning Suning is not good to deal with. The team had in the first round, the referee penalty penalty for the referee and 1:2 lost. This is the away game, there will be a variety of adverse factors. Especially on the Hong Kong team also appeared new injury problems this season, stunning, great progress of the main defender Shi Ke because of injury to Nanjing with no competition, will certainly have an impact on the team’s defense. Fortunately, South Korea’s foreign aid Jin Zhourong timely comeback, it is estimated that he will be the first two rounds to play the main force, good performance of the bench he used to form a combination of central defender.相关的主题文章: