Sichuan ushered in the first male nursing class male nurses in many hospitals more popular

Sichuan ushered in the first male nursing class of male nurses is more popular in many hospitals in Beijing Sichuan online news (reporter Tian Yong Zu Mingyuan) the new semester, the province’s first composed entirely of male nursing classes in Sichaun College of Traditional Chinese Medicine commencement. 41 young men, after graduation, will become male nurses, which subvert the impression of many people. Along with the social demand for male nurses in more and more big, more and more boys entered the "weak" of the industry. It is understood that more than 200 Mingnan nurse training in Sichaun College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in recent years the employment rate up to 100%, and in more than three hospitals work. The first male nursing class "more than 75% of the students are the first major in nursing, and are the sun." Turning to the school’s first recruit this year, male nursing class, the school nursing department director Duan Genfang told reporters that this year, the male nurse recruitment situation is better than expected, a total of 41 strokes of the College received a group of boys nursing class 5. According to reports, from 2011 to 2015, about 20 boys each year to choose the nursing profession, but due to the small number of students can not form a class, the boys will be dispersed to all classes. This year, a record number of students, so the school opened the first male nursing professional class. This is also the province’s first specialized male class"." Yesterday (29) day, reporters came to the Sichaun College of Traditional Chinese Medicine lab to see, full of boys in the classroom, under the guidance of the teacher, they are learning the most basic courses, ready to use, small beds will become the main battlefield of their. "When we first came to the school that class are boys, also scared." Due to the recommendation of friends, Xinjiang guy Li Chengyuan’s first choice to fill the nursing profession, for his decision, the family is also very supportive. "Family members are very supportive of my study of medicine, and I also learned that a friend of mine told me that male nurses are scarce, so I reported to the nursing profession." Li Chengyuan said, because the boys have their own advantages, but can be as careful and patient like female nurses, but also can play a physical advantage, undertake nursing work more than female nurses, so the advantages are obvious. Male nurses are more popular nursing class 5 full-time counselors, nursing department of Youth League Secretary Wang Yinyi told reporters, compared to other classes of male nursing classes on teaching more detailed. The curriculum will be more professional, in line with future work needs. At the same time we will also take them out to volunteer activities, the use of professional knowledge to serve others." Reporters learned that, with the increasing demand for male nurses in the community, coupled with the good employment situation of male nurses, more and more boys began to choose the nursing profession. Male nurses generally need to overcome a series of negative effects such as men’s rough hands and feet, not gentle and so on. But compared to female nurses, male nurses due to a better physical quality, physical strength, play, responsibility may be better than female nurses, so male nurses in many hospitals more popular. According to the latest statistics of the National Planning Commission registered nurse information database, as of the end of 2015: the total number of registered nurses in China reached 3 million 241 thousand people, thousands of people.相关的主题文章: