Silver serial murder villagers believe that the suspect is a good mix

" Baiyin serial murder " hard to believe: the villagers said the suspects are mixed well – Beijing from 1988 to 2002, killing 11 young women in Baiyin and Inner Mongolia of Gansu province " Baotou City, with an extremely cruel means psychopaths; " in the distance for the first time, 28 years after the case was finally arrested. In August 27th, the Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau official micro-blog news, Gao Chengyong suspects confessed to the crime. The case for many years failed to detect the reason is that the suspect has not been collected fingerprints. The reporter interviewed the villagers, the villagers said they did not dare believe, even called high Chengyong " well, " new year will open the car back, two sons are all college students. The case looks back to the 11 little girls who were only about the age of 8 from 1988 to 2002, in the city of Gansu province. Rumours that Baiyin was a "killer", the killer specially selected "wearing red clothes" young woman as targets, most of the crime in the night time. What’s more, the cruel murder murderer, organs or tissues to cut the victim to different parts of the body away, women talk almost every day fierce pale, almost did not dare to go out alone, children go to school to work, parents pick, wife also sisters and other relatives escort, people all work in an always on tenterhooks and living environment. Over the past decade, 11 young women have been killed by murder, the youngest of the victims is only 8 years old. In the process of handling the case, the police believe that this person should be a long-term residence in the silver, there is a more serious sexual perversion or physical defects, especially with intermittent dysfunction of sexual function, hatred of women with hatred. According to all the details of the case, the police summed up the characteristics of Gao Chengyong’s personality, introversion, depression, apathy, poor communication, eccentric loner, she is very patient, and has a dual personality is very obvious, do strong concealment. The detection of the key after a lapse of 28 years of massive information extraction of fingerprint in August 2001, the case was classified as cases to the Ministry of public security. In March this year, the Ministry of Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation organization to carry out difficult backlog of OPULENS crucial action, "8? 05" series of female rape murder case to launch a new round of investigation, to determine the main direction of the use of new technology to use the original biological evidence. The Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of public security informed that in August 26th, police in Baiyin Industrial school canteen will be the 52 year old Gao Chengyong arrested, this time from the first case for 28 years, the key information and ultimately help the police caught Gao Chengyong’s fingerprints. At that time, the police confirmed that the case is the same person, the suspect left footprints, fingerprints, semen, DNA and other physical characteristics of clues, and even a simulated portrait. The police tried to through this method of investigation, but ultimately no such person. A source close to the police said that they now know where the problem lies in the rural area of Lanzhou, where the census is high, because of the difficulty of the investigation相关的主题文章: