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Small dial watch "star recommended" and "passers-by taboo" in many styles of lead: Damen launched this year, there are many brands launched a very unique small dial series. In these small dial watch, have very good style, but also for some gimmick "too hard" style. What is the recommended five points, which is the "black list", will slowly down and see the number of public concern "cavity tune", see more wonderful original content recommendation: Blancpain Lady Bird Ladybird in fact modern watch "ancestors" is hung on the waist or neck type small accessories, so from the beginning, "watch" the size is small, then gradually developed into a popular or to present our common size or larger size. In the modern mechanical watches, Blancpain Lady Bird (Ladybird) is the first to set off a "small" fashion watch table size. "Pioneered the world’s smallest circular mechanical watch" — this is 1956, the birth of gorgeous lady bird watch Blancpain advertising watch, not only broke the world record size small table, also have had quite a large number of respected celebrity socialite. Sixty anniversary commemorative edition baopo women’s series Lady Bird (Ladybird) and watch this year launched the 60 anniversary of Blancpain Lady Bird Ladybird memorial from the beginning has been the talk of the star products. The movement is still maintained a "minimum" record, core size is 15.7 mm, 21.5 mm size watch dial, the mother of pearl, by cutting and engraving technology, will dial into layers of delicate leaf like shape. Price is 146000 yuan. Recommendation two: Jaeger Le Coulter Reverso One Reverso One flip Damen not all styles are today we say a small table size, but because Jaeger Le Coulter is dedicated to flip the series of women to create, so the design is more compact and slim. Have seen people say: the evaluation of Reverso One originally fit the golden ratio of the classic Reverso watches the aspect ratio on the basis of a little and stretch out a bit, make a great lady, a supermodel figure level. Jaeger Le Coulter Reverso One Ré é dition flip watches vintage in Jaeger Le Coulter Reverso One launched a flip watches vintage styles, 32.5 x 16.3 mm size too small size table watch. At the same time, watch very Reverso 1930s first enlightenment style style, simple case black dial and small, I believe it will make a lot of people. Like all single Reverso watch, the Reverso surface can also be personalized lettering. Price is 37000 yuan. Jaeger Le Coulter Reverso One Duetto Moon double phase flip watch if you want to buy the mechanical models of the Reverso One, also has a new option this year,.相关的主题文章: