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Dental-Care Here’s a strange fact: the number of dental vacancies in the UK is rising, and has been rising for some time, yet the number of dental professionals struggling to find work has also been rising. How is this so? Simply put the one method used by dental surgeries and dental professionals to find each other is not working. The only real method which has been used by dental surgeries to find dental professionals, and vice versa, has been the traditional recruitment agency. Yet there’s been an inherent problem with dental recruitment agencies for some time, which is why so many people have been struggling for so long to find the right position, or the right employee. The problem from the point of the view of the recruitment agencies is that with the rise in the number of dental vacancies in the UK, coupled with the rise in the number of dental professionals looking for work has meant a huge backlog in processing the applications, the job offers, the job vacancies and the profiles. The process necessarily takes quite a long time, and then of course, there are the fees. Although dental professionals looking for work are usually exempt from paying fees, dental surgeries advertising vacancies are not, and often these fees can be.e quite exorbitant. It hasn’t been unusual for a dental surgery to end up paying thousands of pounds in a year on dental recruitment agency fees, and this still doesn’t necessarily result in a fast and responsive service. However, there is good news, because finally the concept of dental recruitment has burst onto the online stage, with a new online recruitment service which looks set to .pletely change the way dental surgeries fill the many dental vacancies in the UK, and dental professionals find the perfect job for them. The new online gateway provides several key benefits .pared to the traditional route taken by surgeries and professionals. One of the first differences, and certainly a very significant one, is that there are no fees. Immediately this takes away a great deal of pressure from the dental surgeries, who have often found themselves cutting short their advertising period because of the escalating costs involved. By removing the fees dental surgeries are now able to take full advantage of the opportunities without having to constantly count the cost. The focus is very much now on the quality of recruitment, rather than the quantity. Another difference is that there is no active middleman. For the first time dental surgeries advertising dental vacancies in the UK are able to directly contact thousands of dental professionals looking for work, whilst the dental professionals themselves are able to access a massive database of vacancies to find the perfect position for them. Dental professionals are invited to create a free profile, although no personal information is viewable, such as name, address, current employer and such like. Their skills and experience are listed, and dental surgeries can then browse or search through these profiles, filtering those with the right skills and experience. The surgery can then send a message directly to the professional who, if they choose to, can allow the surgery access to their identifying information in order to proceed with an application. The entire process results in a very much faster service, yet without the pressure of cost forcing surgeries to make hasty decisions. By allowing surgeries and professionals access to each others’ data it is likely that we can start to see an increase in the number of dental professionals finding the perfect dental vacancies in the UK. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: