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Split VR business hammer is hold big move or wits? – Digital Sohu in March this year, the hammer technology released VR team recruitment information the first time in the official micro-blog account. Then from July to September, each month the official Bo repeatedly mention a VR recruitment. Originally thought that the old law is hold big move, ready to give you a surprise. But in the hammer No. 20 new conference, for the VR, but made no mention of this old, and they recently put up a pageantry propaganda draw further apart. Recently, there is news that hammer technology VR head Luo Zixiong has left, and founded his own company.         in the national enterprise publicity platform, you can query to Luo Zixiong enrolled in Beijing think information technology company, the registration time is August 15, 2016. A recruitment website information display, attention is VR AR think science and technology industry, and has completed the angel round of financing.         for the spread of the news on the Internet, the hammer through Sina Technology, said the move is part of the internal hatch business spin off, the main purpose is to facilitate foreign independent financing. The hammer technology VR team leader Luo Zixiong and Guan Mingjie, MI Ningkang hammer technology staff incorporated the new thoughts of Beijing information technology limited liability company, the angel round of financing has been completed, hammer technology is also a major shareholder.         for hammer technology moves, it is not difficult to see that they are also aware of the plight of the development of mobile VR now. For even the phone is not good hammer, do a good job of VR can imagine. Now the hammer will split the business out of the VR word, no matter how true, but we can see Luo also understand, perhaps from the hammer mobile phone VR development will be better.相关的主题文章: