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UnCategorized Many kinds of Stansted Airport parking are available for people visiting the airport. Generally, you can choose from short stay parking, mid stay parking and long stay parking. There is also a valet parking available and parking at the airport hotel. Short duration parking is ideal for a short visit at the Stansted airport. This is when you meet a family member or a friend coming from a trip or for seeing someone off on a flight somewhere. The parking area intended for a short-term stay is located right next to the airport terminal building. For a longer stay, there is a mid stay parking area available a short distance away from the courtesy shuttle bus area. If you are going to pre book for an airport parking space in Stansted, you will be charged at 12.50 pounds per day. You can also go there directly during the day. For long stay parking such as parking for a minimum of three days, there is a car park situated at the outskirts of Stansted airport. The area is perfect if you are going to park for the holidays or you are going to stay in the area for a long period. Pre booking is highly recommended for long stay in Stansted Airport parking. This would cost you around 8.80 pounds per day of parking. You can also take the courtesy shuttle bus that goes to the airport. The shuttle bus roams and picks up passengers every eight minutes on peak periods and every twenty minutes on off peak periods. If you choose to enjoy valet parking, you can avail of the meet and greet valet parking service. It takes away the necessity of transferring from the car park to the terminal. You will be provided with a chauffeur, which will take care of your car that is parked at the terminal. The valet service involves meeting with your chauffeur at a pre-determined time on your departure terminal. The valet service will park your car in a secure location at the compound for safety purposes. You will be dropped off at the far end of the compound. On your return, you will have your car delivered at the terminal building. It will cost you around 35 pounds for the first day of valet parking and on each succeeding days, the cost is around eight pounds. You can also choose to take advantage of hotels that offer parking amenities. This deal is sometimes much cheaper than negotiating for parking space in Stansted alone. It is also more convenient if you are going on an early flight. The hotel deal can save you as much as sixty percent. You would never run out of choices since there are twenty airport hotels for you to choose from. For more savings and options on Stansted Airport parking, you can also browse on the subject online. Various options that featured on these websites can make your airport parking reservation fast and convenient. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: