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Super cruise is a modern city on the sea – Sohu tourism Voyager Voyager everyone says: a good day from the beginning of the morning. When you wake up from a dream, the body calls for energy, make a phone call, choose a favorite breakfast. Soon, it will be a miracle in your bed; if you like sports, well, go climbing, go to the gym, to play it, go running, go swimming; if you love reading online, then go to the reading room, where the atmosphere is full of leisurely quiet fragrance of books; if you have faith, you can also go to church, do wedding wedding held by the captain there; if you love small gamble to try their luck, every kind of play is waiting for you to visit it; if you love delicacy, all kinds of restaurants optional, have their own exclusive seat Oh; if you don’t want to do what? Well, comfortable chairs will let you enjoy the sunshine. Perhaps, you can also open 24 hours coffee shop, called several desserts, holding coffee or tea to drink in a daze; if you want to gather with friends, all kinds of bar if you love art, prepared to meet the challenge; go to the theatre to watch classic Broadway musicals, you can also watch figure skating international standard in nature the ice rink; there is a wonderful magic show oh; if you love shopping, there are a variety of big bag big cosmetics and various duty-free stores therein; if you have a baby, the children’s Park Disney star party waiting for you; if you want to be a qualified housewife, can learn to do all kinds of fabric and desserts; you will ask me, what is this place, everything turned out? Let me answer you, this is not a luxury hotel, nor is it a traditional luxury resort or private club. This is a city, a huge city floating on the sea. Because only a city can provide such a perfect life and entertainment facilities. The name of the sea city: Marine mariner. We took the Royal Caribbean’s "Ocean Voyager" cruise, a total tonnage of 138000 tons, a total of fifteen decks, the total length of 310 meters, 48 meters wide, the size of three football fields, about 1.5 times as much as the carrier, the maximum number of passengers to 3840 people, a total of from the more than and 60 countries in the world to the crew of 1176 people. If you want to row on behalf of the generation, "Voyager" ranked the world’s ten largest cruise ship, is Asia’s no shoulder with the giant. After boarding the first thing: boat drill. This exercise is mandatory and must take part in. Each passenger is placed on a deck area set on the key board worn on the chest, and the exercise is in line with the actual escape position. Located on the fourth floor of the deck of the viewing platform is said to be a helipad, of course is an emergency standby drop. For tourists, here is the ideal place to shoot. Here we will see all sorts of funny funny traces left behind. "Marine Voyager" pride: Royal avenue. Huang.相关的主题文章: