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Swan reading: love your neighbor as yourself, great wisdom in the world wheat pocket Sohu maternal positive psychology Author: Liu Wen believe in everyone’s heart there are two shares of the power struggle: a force is negative, it represents aggression, depression, fear, anger, sadness, guilt, resentment, inferiority, greed arrogant, overbearing, selfish, and lie; another force is positive, it represents joy, happiness, hope, responsibility, peace, tolerance, humility, kindness, generosity, these two forces who could defeat anyone, the key is to look at the individual in the end is what forces continue to a new power. From McDull, we can see almost all positive personality. In the story "the children crying", and would like to eat the McDull McMug has a strawberry cake, but they are all for the sake of each other, care about each other, others for long-term happiness, and willing to meet their delay. In the story "pigs", although she again and again played a trick on McDull McDull, but still does not change the original intention, bound to "save" Mei, touching the truth. In the story, "who is this tree", three buddy have claimed the most beautiful tree, only to find that what they say is the same tree, they did not fight but had not won, share the beauty of this tree, and because of this tree can help the mother bird nest, and more love this tree, know how to share, is the most beautiful thing in the world. In the story "sub sub cake", first McDull and intend to carry out precise split on McMug cake, but found that this method divided the cake "crushing crushing", ugly and terrible, so they got a cake, but never to mention "flat points" the matter, you bite me, eat the sweet, it also shows that the children know justice, gradually know justice is relative, in our study we found even 2 year olds will have equity sensitivity. These stories, although simple, but contains a deep feeling. McDull tells us, tell the kids: we will have a better life for ourselves, our loved ones, our friends, and others. To love others is to love yourself and love life. Fromm said: "selfish people, not love their own too much, but hate yourself." And in McDull, we see the story of a loved one, as Fromm said: if I really love a person, then I love other people, I will love the world, love life. If you want your child to be sincere, kind, grateful, generous…… Love others, love their positive personality, then, together with the children to read the book of wheat pocket book, the future of the child into a positive positive energy! Liu Wen, vice president of the school of psychology, Liaoning Normal University, this article comes from the Swan reading network, copyright and the final interpretation of the right to read all the swans, please indicate the source. Welcome to swan. Discover your reading! Read more information about the parent to read the Swan read WeChat public number: swanreads, wonderful continue!相关的主题文章: