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Teach you how to create a sexy hip effect Shakira want to look beautiful line first you must have the bottom, don’t want to hip so difficult, so Xiaobian to give you advice, teach you how to carry buttock effect, help you create charming qiaotun. How good a leg buttock effect: actually, want hip is not difficult at all, only need to stretch my legs can not do that. However, if you really want to raise the buttocks, then the legs can not be stretched out Oh! The right thin hip movement as a pair of knees on the ground, the upper body lying down, hands pressed on the ground, and the body was 90° angle. The right leg cocked upward climb, about 20 times to do so for the left leg. How to raise the effect of two hips: squat squat method is a very common thin hip movement, but also thin thighs are commonly used sports. The squat is very simple, only need to open a little wider than the feet, shoulders, hands and boxing, hold together. Body upright, squat. Repeat this action, 20 minutes a day, adhere to a week or so to see the effect. How to raise the effect of hip three: Sedentary some people because of lazy sitting, and some people because of the situation is sedentary, such as white-collar workers. White-collar workers often sit all day in the course of time, small Qiaotun on luxury Canbian hip. Although have been sitting to work, but should always stand up and walk. If there is no way to do regular exercise, at least every hour or so to sit up and take two steps. You can go to the bathroom, you can also pour a cup of water poured into their own water, by pressing the buttocks point, promote blood circulation hip, so as to prevent the production of luxury buttocks. How to improve the effect of hip four: cross your legs a lot of people love to cross your legs, whether male or female, perhaps at the moment, you are the nest in the chair, Langtui read this article. No matter where, if you always tilted his legs, legs will hinder the blood and lymph circulation, leading to lower body edema. If you do not do leg care, it will cause varicose veins, a serious impact on the lower body blood circulation. After a bath every day, massage the body with a special massage massage the legs and buttocks. This will relieve the lower body edema, prevent fat accumulation in the lower body. How to improve the effect of hip five: Junzi hip hip operation using this approach is relatively simple, just like standing, standing, and upright, and placed in the hands of the waist, eyes staring at the front, and then slightly, bend your knees and lift your left foot, and then let the the toes pointed gently point, adhere to thirty seconds or so, and then restore the body. In addition to the other leg and repeat the movement, this movement five times a day or so, can make the hip muscles stronger, so as to achieve the purpose of hip. How to improve the effect of hip six: Qiaotun exercises first sitting on the ground, then even after the legs together, the eyes to look at the front, then hands folded, placed in the chest, buttocks by force moving along, move to step ten as a group. After the completion of a group of sports can be a little rest for a little while, and then practice the role of three groups every day, and finally restore the original state of the leg massage, which can play a role in the prevention of varicose veins. The world’s top fashion music hip相关的主题文章: