Tesla dug Microsoft hololens top designer or AR technology into the car sexhu

Tesla hired top designer Microsoft HoloLens or AR technology will be integrated into the car Tesla just from Microsoft hired a top designer Andrew Kim, Kim HoloLens before the industrial designer, joined Tesla, he will serve as chief designer (Lead Designer) position. Kim confirmed the news in his own LinkedIn. Kim graduated from the College School of design (Art Center of Design) in the United States and worked in Microsoft for three and a half years. His recent work focused on Microsoft’s AR helmet HoloLens, but also deeply involved in the design of the Xbox One S. Initially Kim was Microsoft’s attention, because he did a series of new brand design for the latter, although he did not have any relationship with Microsoft. For Kim to join Tesla Motors will bring what new things, is still unknown. But if you want to guess, the combination of automotive HUD and AR technology may be one of them. The application of AR in the car is not new, mainly in the form of HUD, but most of it is only the superposition of information, there is no tracking and environmental identification functions. The Microsoft HoloLens is a pioneer in the field of AR, the depth of the camera for the helmet to bring space positioning and environmental identification and other functions, so that 3D images and the environment as a whole. On the other hand, Tesla represents the future of the automotive industry, more future technology is applied to the car is one of the objectives of the company.相关的主题文章: