The 8 Secrets of the privacy of women-k-boxing

Woman 8 privacy psychological big secret lead: you know a woman? Do you know why they love to shop? Do you know why women are always dissatisfied with their bodies? Do you know why they would be false? Now to reveal the eight modern women’s psychological privacy. Woman 8 privacy psychological secret 1 more memory than the first pair of shoes first survey shows profound, 92% women remember the first time to use their own money to buy shoes, whether the purchase is famous brand shoes or street goods at a discount, but to their memories, the first kiss the name of the object, but only 63% of women to think of it. More exaggerated is that 96% of women to throw away a pair of shoes regret, but only about 15% of the feelings of her boyfriend abandoned. Moreover, the survey also showed that women’s attachment to the shoes is more intimate than previously thought. Previously, people always think women will put up with a box of old love letters to them, but in fact, the shoe is more precious than old letters. Women think of shoes as their best friends, and the memories they leave to them are more lasting than the ones they love. 2 Wednesday is like the big aunt the day most women have their own independent views for work, don’t want too hard, and don’t want boring tasteless. But the funny thing is, a woman in bed before work is compulsory, eyes closed the toothpaste brush to the face is on Monday, more It is quite common for, what do not know what the free state. Wednesday is more like a watershed black, looking forward to this day, go on this day, so this time their mood is very unstable, like the big aunt to it for several days. 3.80% women are not very satisfied with their body even very dazzling model or brilliant stars, often on a part of your body that are not very good, many women even feel chest or is not full, or feel is not sexy, have chest shape and feel his face is not attractive. The woman is in the eyes of their own is not the most beautiful, so, many women will be dissatisfied with their own place for some minor surgery, or some inferiority complex. 4 more than 70% women preferred spouses husband are not their own or do not conform to the original standard although they now many people have lived a happy life, but in fact there are 70% of the woman’s husband is not their first choice. The reason why the choice of the husband is now because they feel that their spouse or not meet the actual needs of the standard, or that is more important than the reality of love. 5 naked not want to lift the bound but to feel touched a lot of women with love, they are not spoken to lift the day of bondage, and even to prevent breast cancer, these are only some gorgeous excuse, in fact, it is nothing more than they can promote a healthy brain nerve is the acceleration in the friction. They are most proud of, most proud, most men could be lonely drool with envy at night? Nothing more than trying to feel some of the ambiguous touch, even if it is only a thin cold. 6 push you away.相关的主题文章: