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The baby is always bloated? A lot of babies and infants of the mother and daughter of the Sohu always bulging belly, bulging, and sometimes bulging crying, really distressed, how can this do? Baba mama don’t worry, you give your moves in October. However, the baby belly, mostly abdominal wall relaxation susceptible to gastrointestinal filling effect which is a normal phenomenon. As the baby grows up, the stomach will flatten. But if the baby belly bulge very hard, may be stomach cold or indigestion. Usually to keep warm, change in time to increase the baby clothes, diapers, bathing dress is also faster, to avoid the cold. Baby formula is more prone to abdominal distension, probably because the milk powder is too thick or too much time to eat too much. Appropriate to the baby to feed some water or diluted milk, feeding time after burping, abdominal distension, baby will be much better. In addition, breast fed babies to try to contain most of the areola; baby pacifier, full of milk nipple, do not have air, to avoid inhaling too much air cause abdominal distension. Have to eat baby food supplement, to eat less sugar high, easy to produce gas food, such as noodles, sweet potato, carrot etc.. If the baby milk 1 hours after the stomach is very bloated, Baba mama can try to give the baby a massage, October this bacteria often invite some baby to relieve abdominal distention, promote intestinal peristalsis, and keep the room warm, put the song (soothe baby mood, avoid moving, walking) massage abdomen ~ baby lying in bed mom, rub their hands to the baby navel as the center, right palm clockwise massage baby’s stomach, moderate intensity. Massage for 5 minutes, 2-3 times a day. Compress the abdomen with a hot towel baby abdomen, can promote intestinal blood circulation, relieve abdominal distention. Pay attention to hot compress before too long, 10 minutes, not too hot towels, hot compress before the wrist to try temperature. Back off the baby by chiropractic coat, let TA lying in bed, gently pinch the baby on both sides of the spine muscles from the coccyx was squeezing to the neck, every pinch will mention 3-5. The technique should be gentle, 1-2 times a day, each pinch 3-5 minutes. Stimulate the back of the nerves, help the baby gastrointestinal peristalsis. In addition, give the baby to eat probiotic or simethicone, can promote digestion and intestinal lubrication. If the above method or baby or accompanied by vomiting, abdominal distension, diarrhea, constipation, have a fever, touched the belly is crying, you must go to the hospital in time, eliminate intestinal obstruction and Hirschsprung’s disease may! Nothing can be more than pregnant mother and fetal treasure thing big? Open the WeChat search on October, care of the public number, here are the most reliable parenting and maternal knowledge. Do not miss passing through the passing of each reminder of the October bacteria!相关的主题文章: