The birth of 3 pairs of twins, they are the winner – mother Sohu gamelink

The birth of 3 pairs of twins, they are bred winners – Sohu mother every life is a both beautiful and painful process, this process is long but full of expectation, heard the sound of a clear and resounding cries, is every parents the greatest happiness, but also maternity hospital the most rewarding moment in November, 1+1=4, their happiness! Double in November 1st, Ms. Zhang had twins "from the beginning, I want to birth, birth, I was in the national health club to accept the good mother Ramaze breathing training, in accordance with the guidance of a doctor in pregnancy weight management, in order to breastfeeding, I became familiar with early sucking, early to open milk" three early strategy ", it can be said that now all I learned knowledge in the country are pregnant, Jian learned." From the pregnant mother into treasure mother, the mother lying in bed also kept to teach us the various pregnancy experience, words are full of happiness and gratitude. In November 22nd, Ms Wu had twin girls "in many people’s eyes if pregnant with twins, it was immediately returned to the doctor ‘high-risk pregnant women’ heap where you can only wait for the mode of delivery is a caesarean section, even I don’t think I can use this mode of delivery had the most healthy for two baby I really appreciate our health." Ms. Wu during the interview, also referred to the State Health Department of the "delivery room" secrets of the delivery video, she said it is because of the short film, let her know in advance of delivery; for prenatal doctor and Pregnancy Advisory more than and 200 days caring service, accompany her smoothly through the pregnancy; delivery for doctors enough patience and love let her in life, the most important and the most tense moment, can be more brave and steadfast face in November, 186+3=189 their success and writing in November 2016 a total of 3 pairs of twins in the country health maternity hospital falls. For these families, they harvest is happiness and joy, but behind this happiness, but it is the country’s health care professionals with all professional skills and spirit, to complete the protection of life. "The possible problems in the process of delivery and risk are taken into account in advance, formulate detailed and specific delivery plans, all instruments and equipment in place to prepare in advance, director, doctors, doctors, midwives in class participation, close observation. Since maternal so trust yourself to us, we must ensure their safety, always put safety in the first place, not the slightest slack." In the face of every country to choose healthy maternal health in Jilin by maternity hospital director Kong Xiangqin have asked myself and all the medical staff. From first to 100th, and now there are 189 pairs of twins born in the country health maternity hospital. In nine years of health, continue to move forward, this is every doctor quietly pay for the result of the efforts of all the achievements, due to their superb skills and dedication, 189 pairs of twins, is our health has been adhere to ensure medical safety, protect the best interpretation of maternal and child health.相关的主题文章: