The central bank after a lapse of six months and then reverse repurchase the industry said or

The central bank again after half a year of reverse repurchase   industry said or implied loose signal — financial — Beijing morning news (reporter Jiang Fan) after a lapse of six months, the central bank once again resorted to 14 day reverse repurchase. Yesterday, the central bank in the open market for 50 billion yuan of 14 day repurchase. And the last 14 day repurchase is at the beginning of February this year. In fact, in June 25th last year, the central bank to stabilize the short-term liquidity at the end of the second half, and then restart the reverse repo, then reverse repurchase has been a continuation of routine operations, suspended in December 31st after a recovery. Since before the Spring Festival this year, the open market operation frequency can be encrypted to every weekday, except at the beginning of March after the RRR two day suspension of operation, the rest are normal. For the re emergence of the 14 day reverse repo, the industry generally believe that this is the central bank hinted loose signal. Guotai Junan analysis, apparently in order to better stable mechanism of liquidity is expected to increase flexibility and the central bank’s open market operations, to avoid when the liquidity squeeze down signal to release the passive policy easing of the statutory reserve rate. There is also a point of view, the central bank to restore a longer term reverse repurchase operations, or in the market to pass out the agency should reduce the intention of overnight rolling operations to reduce investment leverage. Central bank announcement shows that, in addition to the 14 day reverse repo, the central bank yesterday in the open market for a period of 7 days of reverse repurchase operations of 90 billion yuan. The reverse repurchase expires 100 billion yuan yesterday, according to the calculation, a single day will be a net invested $40 billion. (Prince Yang Xi Hou, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: