The credit card fee cut straight to the edge of large consumer or

The credit card fee cut straight to the edge of large consumer or affected by Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Jiang Debin since yesterday, bank card credit card fees officially lowered. According to the new regulations, the debit card fee reducing transaction does not exceed 0.35% of the amount of single charge 13 yuan cap; credit card rate is less than 0.45%, not a single pen cap. The bank card credit card fees, will directly reduce the operating costs of businesses, catering and other industries benefit from the larger. By credit card single charge "uncapped" or will affect the consumption of large Car Buying etc.. On the surface, credit card fee reduction is a good thing, you can reduce the operating costs of businesses, encourage businesses to use preferential policies to attract consumers, stimulate bank card credit card spending. However, credit card fees down too late, but in the mobile phone payment under the pressure of competition, passive coping measures, and in the consumer payment habits have changed the environment, fee cut and cannot save the consumer credit card market share shrinking trend, also destined to become marginalized. Previously, the bank card mode under the condition of monopoly in the field of payment, they charge high fees, including acquirers for acquiring service fees, credit card issuers charge issuing bank service charges and bank card clearing agency network service fee charged, businesses can only passively accept. Because the credit card fee burden, for catering, Chaodeng low margin businesses, gradually unbearable, repeatedly asked the union to lower rates, and in 2013 had an overall cut down in the range of 23% to 24%, of which class dining and entertainment dropped up to 37.5%. Even so, the credit card rate is still too high, resulting in business card printing consumer enthusiasm is not large, consumers tend to use cash consumption. In the wake of the rise of mobile payment, which has a simple and convenient, no POS machine, no payment fees and other advantages, and quickly won the favor of businesses and consumers, the great way to replace the bank card credit card model. Moreover, compared with the credit card model, the interests of businesses are protected, no longer need to bear the cost of hardware and channel fees, just pay a small fee can be paid, will naturally encourage businesses to pay more attention to the use of mobile phones. At present, mobile phone payment transaction volume is growing rapidly, data show that in 2015 China third party payment mobile payment market reached $163626, representing a growth rate of 104.2%, this year continues to maintain high growth momentum. Moreover, the most critical thing is that young people have generally accepted mobile payment, no longer like cash and credit card spending, out of the street with a cell phone has become the norm. Young people are the future mainstream consumer groups, change their payment behavior, it means that the payment industry pattern is being reconstructed, the card is seen as outdated mode, mobile phone payment more convenient fashion. Thus, the bank card payment is too slow to change too late, the old monopoly power, subversion of the new technology, and gradually decline, even if the hand down相关的主题文章: