The driver stopped moving lane congestion caused by the 1 hour final detained 5 days (Figure) (video winpm

The driver stopped moving lane congestion caused by the 1 hour final detained 5 days (Figure) illegally parked Mercedes Benz bus will be blocked. The driver will Mercedes Benz illegally parked in the construction section of the road to their own shopping nearby, resulting in the bus was blocked out, resulting in the surrounding congestion for nearly an hour. Yesterday, the Jianghan police on the parties to stop the illegal blocking Zhang, in order to disrupt the behavior of public order administrative detention 5 days of punishment decision. At noon on October 31st, 32 year old female driver Zhang was driving a suspension of E JF***7 license plate white Mercedes sedan came to Hankou liuduqiao near the equipment ready to buy some beauty salon. 12 points, 08 points, Zhang will be parked in the public car park road, Zhongshan Road intersection will leave. About 12:20, a 506 bus to Zhongshan Avenue intersection, because public opinion is playing around construction of only two shares, two-way lane, Zhang a white Mercedes Benz car illegally parked, the bus did not go, stuck. Mercedes Benz road blocking the scene of the video screenshot (source: Changjiang Daily) behind the bus more and more vehicles, and even some of the vehicles can not even be used to reverse the traffic to the lane, leading to the road began to congestion. 12:30, Jianghan District traffic police arrived at the scene, and notify tractor trailer. However, the road is narrow cars, tractors very difficult to go to the police command vehicle only a little move. Wait until the tractor trailer will be towed away, it is 1:15 in the afternoon. Since then, Jianghan Benz traffic police will be withheld, and summoned the driver zhang. Zhang said she was doing hairdressing business, the day over the purchase, because the construction of Zhongshan Avenue, near the store no parking spaces, so she will be convenient for vehicles illegally parked on the road, did not expect to cause the regional traffic jam. After determining the situation, according to the law in accordance with the law of the driver of the Jianghan Zhang administrative detention for 5 days punishment. Violation of how to detain? The police told her that she was arrested along the same day caused by traffic jams for nearly an hour, affecting the number of drivers and bus passengers travel, the consequences are very serious. Zhang this is only regret. Police official stressed that the majority of drivers to enhance civilization, law-abiding awareness, to avoid self willed to the impact of road traffic and other public travel. The intentional illegal parking and car damage accident is not simple removal of the scene, resulting in serious road congestion behavior, will severely hold the responsibility of the parties. This year, the Wuhan police to increase the deliberate blockage of road traffic violations investigated and dealt with, as of now, a total of 15 illegal persons detained. News links "" "- March 4, 2016, two bus drivers for the Tongji Hospital near the stop in Hankou in a dispute over the main road downtown section of road for closing down, finally simply come back in the middle of the road bus stop, resulting in a serious road traffic congestion. Bus driver Zhang, Shen were sentenced to administrative detention for 5 days, 7 days. In April 18, 2016, the driver Zhang to buy food for the convenience of the car was parked in the free lane Evergreen Road, causing the vehicle long distance road congestion retention, 12 minutes. Driver Zhang was detained for 5 days. Extended video Wuhan road parking managing official parking fee is still hard to find a large chu.相关的主题文章: