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The earth water battle achievements: keep water – Beijing and enriching new network in Ganzhou in September 30, "that can be said to be barren hills and turbulent rivers." Now, looking at the front rows of white walls and gray tiles small buildings, with delicate fragrance lotus pool into the sunset smoke beautiful village, Huang Guanghong knows, "is the dust laden history barren hills and turbulent rivers". Huang Guanghong is the director of the village Da Yu Shicheng County village of Ganzhou City, he witnessed the past due to soil erosion leading to the village land loss of fertility, the villagers fear disaster coming days. Ganzhou city is located in the south of Jiangxi, is located in Gan River, Dongjiang River, is a typical hilly area, topography, geology, soil, superposition of rainfall, man-made damage and other reasons, make it a serious soil erosion area of southern Chinese. 1980, the city’s 16 million 762 thousand and 100 acres of soil and water loss, accounting for nearly 28% of the city’s land area, then known as the "Jiangnan desert". After decades of soil and water conservation, Ganzhou, South China to create a soil and water conservation ecological construction of the Ganzhou model". In order to Shicheng County as an example, the local Water Conservation Bureau staff Huang Yiliang pointed out that the big Yu Cun hull is established in Shicheng County before river small watershed soil erosion control. Through the transformation of farmland planting lotus, build the soil and water conservation forest, Camellia planting forest development, construction and other measures have been completed Shantang river before the small watershed comprehensive control of soil erosion area of 1106.6 hectares, to keep the soil at the same time, opened up a road to prosperity for farmers. Under the release in the small watershed management "bonus", Da Yu Cun has built a set of ecological livable, tourism, industrial ecological tourist area as a whole, the village south Lu house, Eileen villa, village and other attractions Babel attracts eight tourists, a rock garden "". Many villagers do engage in a farmhouse, guesthouse, a year down a 100 thousand yuan of income, living standard is much better than before." Huang Guanghong said. Away from the rock more than and 200 kilometers, in Ganzhou City West of Shangyou County will also small watershed management as an important starting point for soil and water conservation. When a lot of tourists come here this weekend, is because the river remediation good, our family is doing farm music, and now rely on farmhouse can receive more than more than 10 thousand extra money." Shangyou County Mei Shui Xiang Yuan Ceng Ruilin village residents because of soil and water conservation, and greatly improves the sense of "". Shangyou County Water Conservation Bureau deputy director Liu Lienong told reporters that since the 2013 round of small watershed in Shangyou County village start key project of soil and water conservation, completed in 2015, the total soil erosion area of 9.29 square kilometers, and the use of traditional tea planting advantage, development of tourism resources, adhere to the conservation of water and soil and keep step with industrial development, and lay a solid foundation for the villagers to get rich. In the past two years, through the development of rural tourism and the promotion of agricultural industry, a total of 710 people out of poverty, accounting for about 60.37% of the total population. But once because of serious soil erosion, the spread of "Ningdu County, Ganzhou city of Ningdu to the capital" also retain water and soil, rich farmers. Deputy director of Ningdu Bureau of water and natural resources相关的主题文章: