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The evaluation of withdrawal agriculture accounts: homestead right of any person the right to deprive the Sohu news the day before, Beijing city issued a document, the abolition of agricultural and non-agricultural Hukou household distinction, unified registered as resident accounts. Since 2014, the State Council proposed the establishment of a unified urban and rural household registration system, there are 30 provinces have introduced their household registration system reform program, are proposed to cancel the distinction between the nature of the account". In the future, each Chinese citizen’s account will be registered as a resident account. Here is not a non resident accounts into non-agricultural accounts, nor the concept of the past city accounts, which reflects the household registration system to return to the functions of the population registration management. At present, the gradual elimination of agricultural accounts, does not affect the protection of the rights and interests of farmers. In our country, "farmers" actually contains three meanings, one is the identity of the agricultural household registration, the second is the rural collective economy, and the three is based on agriculture as a profession. It is a good thing to abolish the agricultural accounts, so that farmers can return from an identity to a profession. Even if the account has been changed, the contract relationship between farmers and land remains unchanged, and the identity of the members of the collective economic organizations remains unchanged. Reform is to let farmers in urban life and rural life to make independent choices, and no matter what kind of choice can not damage their sense of. From the point of view of the central spirit and the current law, the rights and interests of farmers include not only the rights of the farmers themselves, but also the rights of the peasants who should enjoy equal rights. The former includes the contracted land, homestead and collective assets income, which is the legal property rights granted to farmers, no one has the right to deprive. The latter includes the right to work in the city, equal access to health care, social security, fair education, etc.. The elimination of agricultural accounts does not mean that the interests of farmers will naturally improve. A few years ago, there are some places announced the cancellation of agricultural accounts, but the reform has failed to keep pace, many farmers did not enjoy the protection of the public should have, in some places even simply offered to farmers to homestead wards, contracted land for social security ", let the farmers hurt. In recent years, our country has set up a free compulsory education, the new rural cooperative medical system, the new rural social security, the rural minimum living security system, but there is still a large gap between the level of protection and urban residents. Equalization of basic public services is an urgent problem to be solved after the unification of urban and rural household registration. Behind the reform of the household registration system is a complex relationship adjustment. The gap between urban and rural areas can not be a moment filled, far not change a name so simple. The essence of new urban-rural relationship is to the farmer "less", so we should accelerate the establishment of a unified urban and rural household registration system to adapt to education, employment, social security, housing system. Source: Economic Daily Author:?相关的主题文章: