The first half report – Hong Kong 0-0 Hengda Li Xuepeng back injury GalAT lose points-ekdv-273

The first half report – Hong Kong 0-0 Hengda Li Xuepeng back injury GalAT lose points of both the first half of September 24th Beijing sports Tencent draw time 19:35, 2016 in the twenty-sixth round, the Hong Kong Shanghai home court against Guangzhou evergrande. The two sides failed to break the first half, temporarily labeled 0-0. Third minutes of GalAT outside the area – range, the ball hits directly. Sixth minutes Alan outside the area directly – range, the ball directly goalkeeper. Tenth minutes left the area after cutting inside the Hulk shot, jinyingquan was denied the bottom line. Thirteenth minutes Li Xuepeng accidentally pulled down in the field, Hengda passive substitutions, only Chen Zepeng will replace him. Sixteenth minutes Wang Shenchao defenders transport threat Zhise, Evra just broke off, is the area under the. Small angle twenty-first minutes GalAT area hit the door, put the ball in the side of the net. Twenty-second minutes Evra right after the break to remote lob, goalkeeper saved the ball bottom line. Twenty-fifth minutes, Alan in the restricted area of transportation to pick Road, Paulinho shot the ball slightly deflected. Twenty-sixth minutes of continuous Hulk get rid of three players, which is on the right side of the area near the bottom line, then inverted triangle cross, but the lack of players outflank. Thirty-first minutes, Hulk defenders long-range, the ball slightly deflected. Thirty-fifth minutes Liao Lisheng outside the area – range, the ball hit the side of the internet. Thirty-ninth minutes Zheng Zhi outside the area to get the ball, then directly use the high quality volley, the ball crossed the fighting Yan Junling, unlucky in the ball hit the crossbar. Then keep up with rival players rebound but offside position. In stoppage time, Hengda Games kick, Liao Lisheng will kick the ball into the box, followed by Shi Ke out up door Chen Zepeng kicked the ball in the Fu Huan’s arm, Hengda penalty, GalAT surgeon kick was hit too but Yan Junling saved the ball. The port of Shanghai (4-2-3-1): goalkeepers: 1- Yan Junling; 32-, 27-: Defender Sun Xiang Shi Ke, 28-, he used 23- Fu Huan; midfielder: 4- Wang Shenchao, 6- Cai Huikang, 7- 17- Evra: avant-garde; Wu Lei, 21- Yu Hai; 8- Hulk; Guangzhou Evergrande striker: (4-2-3-1): goalkeepers: 32- Liu Dianzuo; 6-, 28-: Defender Feng Xiaoting jinyingquan, Li Xuepeng 35- (13 "37- Chen Zepeng), 5- Zhang Lin; Camacho 8- Paulinho, 10- Zheng Zhi; 11- 29-, GalAT avant-garde: Gao Lin, 2 Liao Lisheng striker 7- Alan;相关的主题文章: