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The first half report – James Wu Jia Shiliang machine Liaozu Jiangsu Suning temporary 0-0 – Sports Sohu Beijing time at 19:35 on October 30th, the thirtieth round of super league matches, Liaoning Hongyun team took home court against Jiangsu Suning team. The first half of the two sides temporarily 0-0 flat. Before the season 14 home court Liaozu 6 wins, flat 4 negative 4. Suning 57 points has created a team history record, compared with the situation ahead of the lock runner up, the season’s first 14 games away from the Soviet Union, a total of 5 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses (away points standings), away from the performance was slightly less. Teixeira and Zhou Yun will be suspended due to accumulated yellow cards, this will cause a certain impact on Su ning. Of course, Suning investment is the fundamental premise of the most concern. In the history of the game to the distant foot Suning (Jiangsu sainty) 2 wins 3 flat 8 negative, home court of Suning 1 Liaozu 2 wins and 3 negative disadvantage. The first leg of the season, Suning home court 4-3 win liaozu. Fourth minutes, Liaozu front left the place kick, kick point Junzhe arc, Ujae header ferry, Mike follow up to poke the ball into, but offside. Ninth minutes, the stands showed a huge home court printed picture of Zhao Junzhe TIFO, the fans chanting the name of Zhao Junzhe. Twelfth minutes, Suning right attack, Jiaxiang front right Ruth hit the ball up in Ujae face. Twenty-second minutes to the front foot over the top, Sainsbury’s long into the area, stopping Xie Pengfei Shi Xiaotian was confiscated. Twenty-third minutes, front right Taoyuan dribble cross was headed the rescue, Ji Xiang got forward periphery volley wide. Thirty-first minutes, Mike ball half lob to the front, left James offside. Fortieth minutes, Ujae left the ball forward to attack, but forward James could not catch up, was confiscated Gu Chao inside the area. The first half goalless. Liaoning Hongyun: 28- 31-, 5- Liu Shangkun, Shi Xiaotian; Yang Shanping 21-, Zheng Tao 11-, Asani; 20-, 9-, 8- Kim Yasunobu Zhao Junzhe Zhang Ye, Mike 37-, 12- 33-; Ujae James bench: 24- Zhang Zhenqiang, 6- Yang Yu, 13- 14-, 17- Weiduoxiqi, Wang Hao Wang Liang, 18- Ni Yu and 27- Hu Yanqiang of Jiangsu Su Song Ning: 1- 28- Yang Xiaotian, Gu Chao; 6- and 26- are good Sainz brie Hong, Li Ang 2-; 13-, 11-, 7- Taoyuan Xie Pengfei 22- Ramirez, Wu Xi, 24- Ji Xiang; Gu Wenxiang 33-‘s replacement: 30- Zhang Sipeng, 8- Liu Jianye, 12- Zhang Xiaobin, 20- 32- Liu Wei, Zhang Lin, Martinez, 38-R- 40- (radium and Nishioka T)相关的主题文章: