The first time the United States launched a spacecraft to asteroid sampling 7 years after returning

The United States for the first time to launch a spacecraft to return to Earth Asteroid sample 7 years after the launch site of Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 9th news, according to technology website PCMag reports, NASA (NASA) spacecraft has landed on the moon, Mars, and flying around the earth, but they have never landed on the asteroid. Today, this situation will change, NASA launched the first landing asteroid spacecraft, spacecraft will be sampled on the asteroid and return to earth. Called the OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft from tonight in Florida, Cape Canaveral Air Force Base launch, opened to the near Earth Asteroid Bennu 2 year journey. Upon arrival, the spacecraft will use the 3D laser imaging system to draw the Bennu surface map, and sample return. NASA chose Bennu because it belongs to a rare class B asteroid, which means that the original rocks are rich in carbon. The Bennu may also exist such as organic matter and clay containing mineral substances. NASA scientist Dante · (Dante) said in a statement, "the primary goal of this task is to retrieve 60 grams of carbon rich minerals from the surface of the Bennu Lauretta. We anticipate that the sample will contain organic particles from the early days of the solar system, providing us with information and clues about the origin of life." Lauretta said Bennu is a bit like "space in the hill, about 1600 feet in diameter (488 meters). The spacecraft arrived at Bennu, will use the arm from the surface of the Bennu sample, and the existence of the capsule were kept safe. The spacecraft will return in March 2021, landing in September 2023. (compile leaves)相关的主题文章: