The food and Drug Administration interviewed again five big takeaway platform zngay

The food and Drug Administration interviewed again five takeaway platform Beijing morning news (reporter Wu Tingting) in the network ordering takeaway platform continued attention. Yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration interviewed again, the U.S. group, Baidu, Baidu Nuomi, home hungry delicacy 5 takeaway platform. Takeaway platform unlicensed restaurant problem was exposed, Baidu, the United States mission, hungry takeaway platform emergency offline part of the unlicensed restaurant. According to the monitoring of the food and drug administration departments, there are still a lot of takeaway platform restaurant is not a public license information, and the address is vague, difficult to identify. In addition, the bulletin shows that there are 4 stores publicity license information exists false content. The restaurant is beyond the scope of operations, food and Drug Administration said that at present there are two main types of phenomenon, is a network ordering platform on the retail shops only with pre packaged food quality, is engaged in food processing production behavior; two is the nominal platform catering shop scope specified does not contain the dish, users can be on the platform on the purchase order dish. Municipal Food and Drug Administration said, according to the relevant provisions of the food safety management, must be made in a special dish in the operating environment and facilities more stringent requirements. In addition, the summer through the network ordering platform distribution dish, transport conditions and facilities will have an impact on food safety, can easily cause food contamination and food poisoning accident. In response to these problems, the city food and drug administration requires the platform immediately offline without a restaurant and rectification. Each platform to control the food safety violations of the network approach, for the problems found, listed rectification timetable.相关的主题文章: