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The French government submitted to parliament approved the state of emergency for another 3 months – Beijing, China News Agency, Paris in February 4, the French government, local time 3 days at a cabinet meeting in France announced that the terrorist threat facing the risk is still very high, it is necessary to continue to implement the state of emergency, the government decided to parliament approved the state of emergency another 3 months. According to Agence France-Presse, the French government spokesman Stefan Na 3 through the press conference? Le Fuer announced the news, said the French Prime Minister and interior minister submitted a draft law to parliament, to a state of emergency since February 26th will be extended for 3 months. French President Hollande attended the cabinet meeting of the day. At the end of the meeting, the French presidential palace issued a communique said, France imposed a state of emergency, produced a heavy blow to terrorist organizations and networks, and the collapse of a terrorist organization to provide funds and weapons support network crime. Since last November 14th, the police were 3000 raid, and seized more than 500 weapons, including dozens of pieces of military weapons; under house arrest for 407 people, 303 of them are still under house arrest; a propaganda terrorist extremist ideology places were closed. The communique said, in December 2015, the French defeated multiple terrorist attacks, seized large quantities of arms and ammunition. However, in January 2016 Paris police attack, Marseille attack Jewish events, terrorist attacks in Burkina Faso, 3 French citizens were killed, all this shows that France faces anti-terrorism situation is still severe. Therefore, the French government submitted a draft law to extend the state of emergency to parliament. In addition, 3 ministers submitted another draft law at the day’s cabinet meeting to strengthen the fight against organized crime and terrorism. The draft law intends to give judges and prosecutors greater power to ease restrictions on the search for homes. In November 13, 2015, Paris after terrorist attacks on the next day, the French government announced a state of emergency for 12 days in France and Corsica, from now on, at the same time strengthening border controls. In November 26th last year, France extended the emergency status for 3 months to February 26th this year. (end)

法国政府提请议会批准将紧急状态再延长3个月 -中新网   中新社巴黎2月4日电 法国政府当地时间3日在内阁会议上宣布,法国面临的恐怖威胁风险“依然很高”,有必要继续实施紧急状态,政府决定提请议会批准将紧急状态再延长3个月。   据法新社报道,法国政府发言人斯特凡纳?勒福尔3日通过记者会宣布了这一消息,称法国总理及内政部长向议会提交了一份法律草案,提请自2月26日后将紧急状态再延长3个月。   法国总统奥朗德出席了当天的内阁会议。在会议结束后,法国总统府发布公报称,法国实施紧急状态,对恐怖组织和网络产生沉重打击,也瓦解了向恐怖组织提供资金和武器等支持的犯罪网络。自去年11月14日以来,警方共实施三千余次搜查行动,缴获五百余件武器,其中包括数十件军用武器;对407人实行软禁,其中303人目前仍被软禁;多个宣传恐怖极端思想的场所被关闭。   公报称,2015年12月,法国挫败多起恐怖主义袭击,起获了大量武器弹药。然而,2016年1月巴黎发生警局遇袭事件,马赛发生袭击犹太教师事件,布基纳法索恐怖袭击中3名法国公民遇难,这都表明法国面临的反恐形势依然比较严峻。因此,法国政府向议会提交了延长紧急状态的法律草案。   此外,3名部长在当天的内阁会议上还提交了另外一份法律草案,以加强打击有组织犯罪和恐怖主义。该法律草案拟给予法官和检察官更大权力,放宽对搜查民宅的限制。   2015年11月13日,巴黎受到恐怖袭击后,法国政府于次日宣布法国本土和科西嘉岛从即刻起进入为期12天的紧急状态,同时强化边境管控。去年11月26日,法国将紧急状态延长3个月,至今年2月26日。(完)相关的主题文章: