The Italian Association of official Xuanpei Levin was expelled from the national team because of

The Italian Association of official Xuanpei Levin was expelled from the national team because of not shake hands with Coach – Sohu   sports; national team, world cup was in full swing, the focus in a showdown between the end of the morning, the Italy team and the Spanish team than the 1 to 1 draw, each get 1 points. In this game, the effectiveness of Luneng center Pelle starting debut, but no dazzling performance. Sixtieth minutes, Pele was replaced, created some controversy, Paley refused to shake hands with coach Ventura after the game, he dedicated to apologize. But the latest news shows, Pele was temporarily expelled from the Football Association of Italy national team, he will be no world cup edge and Macedonia, or will return early luneng. The intermittent period of the Italy national team has two World Cup events, are today at home court against Spain and the early morning of October 10th game against macedonia. The game against Spain can be said to be the focus of the war’s World Cup, Pele first stage, this is also he in the national team debut, No. 9 is the fulcrum of Italy striker pelle.   fifty-fifth minutes, the Spanish team to seize the mistakes of Buffon took the lead to break the deadlock. But the Italy team offensive of the game is very bad, the first half shot to zero, until fifty-seventh minutes, de sciglio pass, Paley heading higher, only the first shot. After the shooting, yinmobilai Pelle is replaced, for this change, apparently not satisfied with some pelle. He went to the bench and go, no coach and Ventura shook hands, this also caused a great disturbance in the game, the Italy media around the pellet in a move that make a fuss. The game is eighty-first minutes, edelgard manufacturing penalty, De Rossi kick hit a draw against Italy and Spain, to get 1 points, but the position may be threatened by the paley. Speaking after the move Pelle, coach Ventura was very generous, he said: "these things happen, I think Pele is more to himself and his performance dissatisfaction, but not others." This argument is the protection of Paley, since joining Luneng, Paley had had the presence of emotion, in an interview after the match he admits it is dissatisfied, you should do a little better. This game a long time by the Spanish press, Paley as a front fulcrum can not play their own characteristics, inevitably some emotional irritability, but refused to shake hands, did something wrong. After the game on a personal social network, Paley active apologize to Ventura, he wrote: "unfortunately, I once again made a mistake. This behavior is unacceptable to both the coach and the team mate. The team has always been the spirit of teamwork, we are a fantastic team. Like any other big mistake, you are always responsible for your actions. So I will take full responsibility, I sincerely hope that everyone can forgive." We can see that Pelle realized his mistake, but the Italy Football Association for this event is very important. The latest news shows, the Italy Football Association from the national team will make temporary Pelle decision, world cup Pele will miss the next game with macedonia. The storm may be on the future of the national team pelle.相关的主题文章: