The ivory tower pier nearly half of college students accepted the mixing paper money

The ivory tower pier nearly half of college students accepted the "mixing paper money" medicine is not only medical, human factors are also very important to study medicine, medical science and technology. Fudan University Shanghai School of medicine and medical humanities "lecture" this semester second meeting class, China Academy of Engineering Hongyang Academician Wang was entitled "live interactive elements of Humanities" in medical science research teaching. The students from several universities in Ocean University of China, Xi’an Jiao Tong University and Yanbian University also through immersion, wisdom tree network, to participate in classroom interaction. The meeting topic, three cultural elements of particular concern academician Wang Hongyang mentioned in medical science research, namely innovation spirit, team spirit and ethics. First of all, the spirit of innovation is the core of scientific research, the medical development is the crystallization of collective wisdom, cannot do without the medical research team. Another very important aspect of that moral." Academician Wang Hongyang said. In the classroom, academician Wang Hongyang still wisdom tree network platform launched the understanding of academic misconduct of voting, a short period of time, there are more than 900 students to participate in. The poll results show that half of the students think that "commissioned by commercial organizations to provide experimental data and published papers and pay the relevant fees" does not belong to the academic misconduct, academician Wang Hongyang emphasized that this money to buy paper, buy data absolutely belongs to academic misconduct, the so-called "ruin a lifetime career". Wang Hongyang told the students seriously hinder the progress of scientific misconduct, must take a "zero tolerance" attitude to it. "In medical research only adhere to the source of innovation, promote teamwork, with scientific integrity to climb the heights of science and the achievements of the dream of my life." After school, Fudan University said in a class of students, the knowledge about Academician Wang clear moral bottom line to them, then one has a moral will be an upward force, these cultural things will give people a kind of power, so that doctors have a responsibility to play the moral. Academician Wang Hongyang said in an interview with reporters, "set the humanistic problems related to humanities and medicine" course, whether it is from morality, solve the doctor-patient relationship, from their future practice to solve the obstacles in the process, will be very important knowledge base. "In the teaching process, not only the medical students to participate in, there are a lot of Polytechnic University and other engineering college students are very enthusiastic to participate in the discussion, this is a very good attempt to cultivate talents of interdisciplinary cooperation and cross discipline, it is worth learning in him," Wang Hongyang said. The reporter understands, joint planning by Fudan University academician Wen Yumei, Professor Peng Yuwen and Professor Yu Wujin’s late philosophy department of Humanities and medicine "and" wisdom tree network to create a joint operation, has been running a fourth term, a total of more than 150 of national universities, 5 million students enrolled in this course, including non medicine the students accounted for half. (London)

象牙塔变混码头 近半大学生认可“花钱发论文”  医学不仅仅是医科,人文因素对医学、医学科技研究也十分重要。复旦大学上海医学院开讲的《人文与医学》本学期第二次见面课上,中国工程院王红阳院士做了题为“医学科学研究中的人文元素”的直播互动授课。来自中国海洋大学、西安交通大学、延边大学等多所高校的学生们也通过智慧树网的沉浸式教室,一同参与了课堂互动。  围绕本次见面课的主题,王红阳院士提到医学科学研究中尤其值得关注的三个人文元素,分别是创新精神、团队协作精神和道德规范。“首先,创新精神是科学研究的核心,其次医学发展更是集体智慧的结晶,医学研究离不开团队协作。另一个非常重要的方面即道德规范。”王红阳院士表示。  在课堂进行时,王红阳院士还在智慧树网平台发起了对学术不端行为理解的投票,短短时间内,有900多名学生踊跃参与。投票结果显示,有一半学生认为“委托商业机构提供实验数据、发表论文并支付相关费用”不属于学术不端行为,王红阳院士特别强调,这种花钱买论文、花钱买数据的行为绝对属于学术不端,就是所谓“断送一生的学术生涯”。  王红阳院士严肃地告诉学生,学术不端阻碍着科学进步,必须要对其采取“零容忍”的态度。“在医学研究中只有坚持源头创新,倡导团队合作,恪守科研诚信才能在攀登科学高峰的同时成就自己的人生梦想。”  课后,在复旦大学现场听课的同学表示,王院士所讲的知识给他们明确了道德的底线,人有道德之后会有一股向上的力量,这些人文东西会给人们一种力量,让医者有责任去担当这些道义。  王红阳院士在接受记者采访时说,《人文与医学》的课程设置涉及到的人文问题,无论是从道德修养、从解决医患的关系、解决他们将来行医过程中遇到的障碍,都会是非常重要的知识基础。  “在这次教学过程中,不只是医学生来参与,还有很多的理工大学、其他工科学院的学生也非常踊跃地参与讨论,这对跨学科合作以及交叉学科培养人才来说都是非常好的尝试,是非常值得其他院校学习的,”王红阳院士说。  记者了解到,由复旦大学闻玉梅院士、彭裕文教授与已故哲学系俞吾金教授联合策划的《人文与医学》与智慧树网联合打造运营,目前已运行第四个学期,总计全国超过150多所高校、5万多名学生选修了这门课程,其中非医学生占了一半。(东方网)相关的主题文章: