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The man accused of wine on the unpromising knife robbery "prove yourself". – Sohu news table by others ridicule for nothing, to prove himself, 27 year old China was on the road of knife robbery. Surging news () on September 30th from Zhejiang City, Zhoushan Public Security Bureau was informed that China has been approved by the procuratorate arrest. China is a Pingyu County, Henan, primary culture, unemployed. Late on the night of August 25th, he was armed with machetes intercept a cement tank in the vicinity of Zhoushan City Road 329 peak Gang tunnel, the driver alert, immediately reverse turn, could not succeed. Then, the Chinese and stopped a black car, and the owner of a knife threatened Lin, robbed more than 1200 yuan. 27 am, Metro branch in Dinghai District, a hotel will be captured in china. China confessed that he in August 19th alone to find a job in Zhoushan, the villagers wavelet often took him to have dinner with a friend and help him. However, the leadership of the company has the opinion of the wavelet, so don’t be with him. The evening of August 25th, when the company and the leadership of the company to bring him to drink wine, wine over three patrol, the company leader accused of a promising Chinese face, do not look for a good job, eat and drink mixed old money. In order to prove himself, drink a few bottles of beer, a few bowl liquor China pulls from the luggage to the tunnel mouth machetes, spike gang robbery.相关的主题文章: