The man in the double chromosphere 8 million 690 thousand to continue to work for 8 years and finall-win7codecs

The man in the double chromosphere 8 million 690 thousand working machine selected 8 years finally winning the lottery evening of October 23rd, Chinese welfare lottery Shuangseqiu 2016124th lottery game. The double chromosphere red number 09, 15, 21, 24, 27, 32, 10 for basketball, first prize out of 5 note, a single injection of more than 8 million 690 thousand yuan prize. The same day, when the Shuangseqiu 900 million yuan award was officially launched, but the 5 note first prize were unable to participate in multiple betting Shuangseqiu billion yuan, the School Awards events, and send the prize pass! After the lottery, Huize County, Qujing City, Yunnan Province, Mr. Ding (a pseudonym) in the 1 note first prize, October 25th early in the morning he came to the Yunnan Provincial Welfare Lottery Center to receive this award. 8 years winning lottery lottery prizes from Huize Xizhimen show Mr. Ding County of Qujing city street ring road passenger station No. 53021210 betting, winning the lottery is a 10 yuan single ticket. 5 injection machine selection, which is a lucky hit the jackpot. Mr. Ding said: "when the world class is very late, almost 8 points, rushed to the nearest lottery betting station to buy a few notes, if a few minutes later to certainly missed the award." Mr. Ding is an old lottery, but because of busy, are generally not on the number, and each time the machine is selected, 8 years, rarely choose a number. Mr. Ding said, one day in a hurry, did not want to send Shuangseqiu prize, so as usual, playing a single type of ticket, no double bet. But he said, winning is God’s greatest favor to me, I am very satisfied. The betting station is my award blessed it is understood that Mr. Ding basically not fixed betting stations to buy lottery tickets, are met with along with buy. But he says he is in the other betting stations to buy lottery basic not been, for 8 years, had the highest Shuangseqiu prize is 200 yuan but each time to the betting gambling, will win, it is their own land. Mr. Ding, in addition to love to buy double chromosphere, is also a big fan of the 3D, when he said to feel a special 3D number, have to detour to the betting station to buy, generally in the thousands of dollars. Mr. Ding for their bonuses are planning, he says the first thing to bring your parents, and then his wife to have a good day, will also continue to work, continue to buy double chromosphere.相关的主题文章: