The man working in Henan Xuzhou to save 10 thousand yuan Energy Award for female suicide by new netw thinkpad s230u

Henan working man in Xuzhou won the 10 thousand yuan energy save female suicide Award – Beijing "cold water he saved a life." Zhou Jinling won the subsequent positive energy 10 thousand yuan bonus he was awarded the "most beautiful people in Yucheng", "good Samaritan youth" the title of reporter intern reporter Chen Haifeng Liu Mengke Shangqiu newspaper yesterday, Dahe AI the 11 edition of "? In the cold water he saved a life." the title, reported working in the Jiangsu city of Xuzhou province Henan Yucheng villagers Zhou Jinling and the female suicide. Yesterday, the Jinling week by Yucheng County Propaganda Department awarded the "most beautiful people in Yucheng" title, by the Communist Youth League Yucheng county Party committee awarded the "good Samaritan youth" title. At the same time, Zhou Jin was awarded a special prize every day Alibaba energy, bonus 10 thousand yuan. In November 1st, the reporter repeatedly call the golden week mobile phone no answer, 3 pm reply to the reporter Zhou california. I’m sorry, I have been busy rubbing the back of the guests, did not bring a cell phone." Zhou Jinling said. According to Zhou Jinling, a few days ago, the bath center business is relatively cold, fewer people rub back, since he jumped into the river to save the woman to commit suicide after the story was reported, many people came to bath bath, find him rubbing is too much. The same day in the morning, Alibaba is responsible for the energy of the day to call the Dahe newspaper reporter, said Zhou Jin was awarded the special award of positive energy Alibaba, bonus 10 thousand yuan. Good news week, gold collar is very dull, he said his rescue is supposed to do, not what things, really did not expect this, there will be so much honor and praise." It is understood that every day is the energy of the joint Alibaba, including the major rivers, including more than and 100 major media launched a major public projects. Is the last Dongguan courageous Song Shouyin (October 25th was the positive energy every day special prize 10 thousand yuan), Xiamen bridge jump rescue of Zhu Jiangtao (October 27th was the positive energy every day, two prize 5000 yuan), this is the third consecutive 10 days because of doing good in the field and winning the Henan people.相关的主题文章: