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The film "Yangtze River map" has won the praise of the beautiful and magical release of the Yangtze River Shanghai Jiangyin Nanjing entertainment Sohu – click to enter [HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news in the "Yangtze River map" in September 8th Five hundred, the official national point mapping in September 9th after the release, the film caused concern. "Yangtze River map" two hours for magnificent. Male and female stars meet each time, not only staged a passion play, but also lead the audience to visit the most beautiful scenery of the Yangtze river. From the film involved in the Yangtze River City, to lead the story line of an old poetry, has become the focus of audience comments. "Yangtze River map" producer Wang? Said the premiere point mapping field and get a lot of support for cinema, gold screenings release, row piece rate is also good. But this time the movie box office market itself is not ideal, although the "Yangtze River map" seems to get about 2.5% of the row piece, averaging attendance and the number in the same movie came to the forefront of the market, but the overall box office or affect the "Yangtze River map" bumper box office. Some of the audience, released the day of the September 9th day without a row of tablets, Wang said, the September 8th National producer? 500 point mapping and released in September 9th, screenings are arranged in the time period to six points after five p.m.. On the one hand, in order to get more gold screenings available to the audience, on the other hand, too much amount of discharge sheet than good for art film cons. This arrangement may affect some of the fans in time due to the viewing, but from the beginning of 10, all day long is out. For some people, but so far have gold reaction times some of the main studios not the status quo, Wang said? In the core region will try to arrange more sessions. The art film "Yangtze River map" and before a busy movie "bainiaozhaofeng", "roadside picnic", which has been around the theater manager identity. Although there are many other Lumiere theater manager said, after all, no more commercial cinema "Yangtze River map" of the olive branch. At the same time, the king called for?, hopefully the manager can give "Yangtze River map" shows the time longer, the art film slow effect, very long screening cycle and need more effective. The art of film in the domestic market, there are few "Yangtze River map" such a good reputation, sincerely hope that the cinema party give more patience and longer Pai ying. In the Yangtze River map released the first weekend, there have been a number of two brush film depth comments. Director of the film has been expressed in the propaganda stage, like the Yangtze River map, the audience will be a brush and then brush the film. After the release of the national two brush the Yangtze River map has become a popular choice for the audience like the film. The film is full of color, film texture strong. In the film the music styles but beautiful sounds, from domestic to foreign Pingtan Goth music are involved, let the audience Visual Auditory synchronization double aesthetic feeling. Director Yang Chao said, saw a circle of friends in the film, the content is: after cleaning aunt said, what time the movie film China All seats are occupied., would be saved. Look forward to more visitors to the cinema to watch the art film "Yangtze River map". It wasn’t because the film was the last film.相关的主题文章: