The name was Iran fire the Iran warship provocation has entered Iraqi territorial waters candy boy

The name was Iran fire: the Iran warship provocation has entered Iranian territorial waters data figure: from the United States warship captured Iran yacht original title: the reputation of Iran was forced to fire on the Iran warship provocation has entered Iranian territorial waters, according to British media reports, The Pentagon said in August 24th, Iran warship in the Gulf region constantly approaching U.S. warships, the latter fired 3 shells as a warning, Iran warships then turn around to leave. Defense Ministry spokesman Peter Cook said at a Iran warship to ignore the warning and warning signal broadcast constantly approaching head-on, the "wind" patrol boats fired 3 shells to be a warning, then Iran ship from the U.S. warships 200 yards (about 182 meters) when you leave. He also added that the 3 shells were fired from 50 mm caliber guns, to force Iran ships reversed course. Cook said, in the past week, Iran warships repeatedly harassed US vessels, and this event is just one of them; Iran’s intention is not clear, but the two sides are in the high seas, harassment in Iran is not acceptable. However, Hossain, Iran’s defense minister, said that the U.S. fleet had entered the territorial waters of Iran, and that the Iran army would warn or fight any foreign vessels entering its waters. In another incident, a video taken on the American "destroyer of the destroyer" shows several small boats heading toward the destroyer. In the changing course of the two ignored warnings issued after the U.S. warships opened fire. 40% of the world’s oil exports by sea to the entrance from the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz through. In January this year, Iran seized 10 U.S. Navy personnel entering the waters of Iran. The United States Navy said later investigations found that the ship’s course was wrong for the 10 men. The same month, the western countries for Iran to limit its nuclear activities and the lifting of the sanctions on Iran. This indicates that the relationship between the United States and Iran have improved trend.相关的主题文章: