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The PLA exercises still superfluous formation easily into enemy target – Sohu Sino Russian Military Channel South China Sea joint maritime -2016 exercise recently ended. Some comments on the website, this exercise has exposed some problems such as the army, officers and soldiers in combat can develop independent thinking and ability to judge, mechanically carry out orders; seize the island, equipment and troops charged, imitating American war films exaggerated plot in the war; if communication is blocked or executive forces will sacrifice. Chaos, may lose direction; the use of human wave tactics, collaborative ability is insufficient. We need to make great efforts in the fields of independent thinking, critical thinking and dealing with the strain. On this point, I pointed out sharply in the problem caused by the majority of users of discussion. Most users believe that these criticisms should be taken seriously, and effectively improve our military training, and strive to combat. The author believes that the comments directed at our army for thirty years without a battle, the combat capability of weak weakness, honestly and directly, it is a A good medicine tastes bitter. also believe that; our military commanders will take criticism as power, and will not suffer in silence. I have been in the leading organs of our military training work for twenty years, before more than and 10 years in the army base when the military commanders, have some experience in military training. Today to take this opportunity to put in the past few years, video, television, newspapers and other public media to see the pictures do not meet the actual requirements of some of the practices on a talk, hoping to attract the attention and improvement of troops. The infantry training, there are some superfluous action and individual action team. As a soldier in the flat terrain on the forward roll, no meaning, can not dodge bullets and burst, and affect the speed down. This action is not practical, there is No. A team in the open by intensive road, every soldier turned the gun in different directions, the team formation in the textbook is not. This formation should be used in narrow space, such as a building, tunnel, etc., in the open land so concentrated, become the enemy target. In the CCTV Military Channel I saw Marines beach attack video, can not see the impact of team action segments, alternate cover in our traditional leap, several close shots show fighter combat action is not rough, practical. In artillery training, a battalion of Artillery (18) or more, a line put, gun only ten meters, looks mighty, with shock, fire and command calculation is simple, do not even need to observe the gun or datum correction, the same set of elements need not be revised full general camp. But as the enemy A-10 attack aircraft into the attack route, only one voyage, you can put the whole camp for reimbursement. An artillery, artillery (6 guns) transverse distance of 200-300 meters, the vertical distance of 100-200 meters, the distance between the cannon twenty or thirty meters, a large caliber artillery battalion deployed 1-2 square kilometers, before the guns even (single shot) to observe the gun or reference elements to eliminate the error correction. In the training of armored forces, in recent years, tanks are often seen horizontal movement, while the tank gun for longitudinal firing, the tank gun neatly pointing to the side, smoke.相关的主题文章: