The rock climbing champion Tai’an station

The rock climbing champion Tai’an station ended on 11 September, Tai’an newspaper reporter Du Jie reports: September 10th to 11, the "Rupp Knight Cup" the 2016 national climbing race ended (Tai’an station). This is the rock climbing champion for the first time came to Tai’an, the local government and business support. The tournament total funds totaling 100 thousand yuan, a total of 35 teams from all parts of the country, more than 160 professional rock climbing athletes, the competition is divided into male and female artificial rock climbing and speed competitions in 2 categories with 4 items. On the first day of the male and female rock climbing preliminaries, semi-finals. Women’s rock climbing into the finals of the 6 people, there are 4 people from the Tibet Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, which not only reflects their strong overall strength, but also to win a greater weight. Rock climbing race man, Mazda, Qu beach in the semi-final first, the identity of the second finals. It is worth mentioning that, broke into the finals of the 6 players, climbing mountains and climbing from China, Hongkong, the total players occupy a total of 3 seats. 11 on the morning of the speed for the tournament, from Guangzhou Qingtian climbing club Chen Zhixuan won the men’s race champion, on behalf of the Tibet Autonomous Region Sports Bureau’s Runzen Wan M won the women’s champion speed. The afternoon of the first women’s rock climbing finals, the final 4 players on behalf of the Tibet Autonomous Region Sports Bureau team won the women’s rock climbing the top four, which Ren Qing Rahm win. In the subsequent men’s rock climbing finals, Mazda won. "Rock ballet" said rock climbing in our country starts late, but develops quickly. In order to meet the development needs of the national climbing races in 2011 was similar, with the World Cup races, multi station, integral model, the annual contest held throughout the country, athletes can selectively participate in every race, according to the obtained in every race ranking calculation points, then the total annual ranking. The best overall record is the annual grand prix winner. At present, the annual National Grand Prix represents the highest level of domestic sport climbing, attracting more and more elite climbing. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games to become the official competition, rock climbing unprecedented opportunities for development. Tai’an hope that this race as an opportunity to promote the development of rock climbing in Tai’an, and held as a national championship, World Cup races this higher level, more large-scale events in the near future.相关的主题文章: