The Shandong police crackdown on the silver telecommunications network fraud; emergency stop p mide-031

The Shandong police crackdown on the silver   telecommunications network fraud; emergency stop payment of funds involved – Shandong channel — in Ji’nan in September 30, the reporter learned from the Shandong Provincial Public Security Bureau was informed that the 28 day of the hall and the Banking Bureau of Shandong province held a joint banking strike governance telecommunications fraud network television and telephone special work will promote the two departments will deepen silver police cooperation mechanism, the establishment of the investigation of telecommunications network fraud cases involving capital account query, emergency stop payment Easy Access, make emergency funds involved and freeze return work, ensure the safety of people’s property. Meeting the requirements of the public security organs and banking financial institutions should be based on job responsibilities, strengthen coordination and cooperation, and strive to build a sound interactive anti fraud system. According to the new criminal strike governance telecommunications network "fast to fast combat needs, the Shandong provincial public security department in conjunction with the Banking Bureau, the people’s Bank and the commercial banks, promote the establishment of fast query Easy Access, for monitoring suspicious account fraud investigation and control, to crack down on the illegal sale of bank card payment, unlicensed business and trading status card and other illegal and criminal activities, to further improve the detection ability to stop; promote the comprehensive management, in the province carried out the management of bank account safety rectification activities, to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the registration information and bank card, card,". Bank financial institutions in accordance with the "on-site consultation of quick response, rapid intercept, telephone fraud involving capital fast payment requirements, cooperate with public security organs and improve financial control mechanism, do all day long 24 hours of funds involved in query, stop work, immediately cut off the crime capital flow; to fulfill the main responsibility, and actively carry out account liquidation, strictly implement the provisions of the real name management system, to prevent illegal generation card, card, card of mass chaos. It is understood that this year, 1-8 months, the public security organs and banks, telecommunications and other departments linkage, the province cracked a total of more than 2 thousand and 50 cases of telecommunications fraud, arrested the suspect, to avoid the loss of more than 6000 yuan of the masses. Since September, only the province of anti telecommunications network fraud Center issued a directive to discourage the masses successfully deceived more than 40 people, amounting to more than 2000 yuan. (Song Cui Liu Guanwei Liu Guizeng) (commissioning editor Wang Xiaolu and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: