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UnCategorized Twitter is a place where you can simply write and share ideas with others through short messages; it is a place where you can .municate with friends, family, acquaintances or strangers all around the world – only of they also have an account on Twitter. What’s special about Twitter? You can write through it everything that goes through your head about all the small things in your life, things that you would probably not send in an email or text message to all your friends – for example what you’re drinking or listening to now. Theoretically, this type of .munication is public – anyone can see what you do and the messages you send, if they are interested in – but this is not a rule, you can have a private profile and you can select people or friends who could see what you are writing. Twitter’s advantage before instant messaging services, like Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk etc. is that you can .municate with multiple people at once, like through a blog, only that the limit of a message is one hundred and forty characters. Like any social .work, you have the possibility to customize your profile page and avatar. Messages sent via Twitter are called Tweets and appear on your profile page, but also on the site of those who chose to watch what you are writing. Those who follow what you are sending are called Twitter Followers or "pursuers." On your turn you can also follow a number of people, so that their messages will appear on your page. Nowadays the Twitter Followers became a business phenomenon as the requests are growing more and more. Now you can "buy" a Twitter Follower for less than one penny each. When you buy these followers, they will not really be transferred because Twitter doesn’t allow this kind of transfers, but there are only services that guaranties these followers will reach the desired account through "proven and safe" means, some sorts of automated robots that do this. There are rumors that Chinese people have already started to create farms of Twitter followers. Basically, these create thousands of Twitter accounts that follow other accounts. But the question is if those Twitter Followers will really have an impact on what you are writing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: