The woman had security dispute with passengers shouted to husband on the cuff and kick (video)

The woman had security dispute with passengers shouted to husband the husband and the woman are friends cuff and kick a cuff and kick each other. Women in security and front man dispute, has been shouted to her husband and friends he’s really not letting this go, cuff and kick to the man. Yesterday from the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau rail traffic bureau was informed that the couple was hit by the golden mouth police station administrative detention. September 28th at 9 in the morning, the passenger side of the ZhongJiaCun Railway Station from the subway. Security, he just put the bag in the screening machine, behind a woman over her bag will be rash and too much in haste, the pressure in the side of a bag. Then, a woman’s mind is too slow, rushed to the front side of a bag, a dispute for two people. Since then, the woman and a side of lalacheche, while on the phone to tell her husband: "I was hit, you come quickly!" 10 minutes later, the woman is still not let go of a party, the staff came to dissuade a card into the gate to get on the bus, did not expect women to follow up, but she did not open the gate card, even a vigorous posture from the gates above the jump in the past, and will hold a party. The passengers and staff of the subway crossing have discouraged, this woman unmoved, police staff. The police came in on the way, the woman’s husband came, he also brought 2 "helper" over the gate, the other one in China a cuff and kick, fight back, a sort of auxiliary police were injured. Then the police came, several people to the police room. Unexpectedly, the police in the police office to understand the situation, outside came more than a tall burly chap, nine meters, is a woman friend of her husband. The police shouted to them, said the Bureau has informed the police reinforcements, several men that break. (reporter correspondent Liang Shuang Zhang Zuhua) the United States related video security confiscated the passengers said may cause an explosion of cake frosting相关的主题文章: