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Home-Securtiy If your dog has fleas, then technically you do too. They get into the nooks and crannies inside your house from the floor boards to the baseboards to the carpet, rugs, and furniture. Chances are that if your pet has fleas, so does your carpet. Getting fleas out of couches and rugs takes some work, but it can be done. Vacuum your furniture thoroughly, making sure to use a crevice tool attachment to get between and under the cushions of your sofas and chairs. Wipe down the surfaces of wood tables using a wood cleaner containing orange oil, which helps to repel fleas. You can also .bine 10 drops of cedar oil with 10 drops of peppermint oil, both natural flea control repellents, with 16 ounces of water and use it to spray all of your furniture and pet bedding, Treatment with an insecticide containing d-limonene or linalool may also help to kill those icky pests on furniture, as well. Carpeting provides the perfect hiding space for those fleas and their eggs when they fall off your kitty. Fleas and flea eggs can survive in carpet for quite a long time. The best natural way to get rid of them is with baking soda and salt. Both baking soda and salt dehydrates the fleas and kills them.Sprinkle equal amounts of baking soda and salt on dry carpet. Note: Make sure the carpet does not get wet, or the baking soda could leave a white residue. Leave the baking soda on the carpet for as long as possible or up to overnight. These substances are safe to use around felines. Allow it to sit for a few days to kill the fleas by dehydrating them. Vacuum it away and throw away the vacuum bag immediately; fleas can reproduce in a vacuum bag and re-infest your home if not promptly discarded. Even without diatomaceous earth or salt, simply vacuuming alone removes around 30 percent of flea larvae and 60 percent of flea eggs from carpeting.. Follow up the vacuuming with some steam cleaning to further eliminate fleas from your carpeting. Sprinkle salt or food-grade diatomaceous earth all over your carpeting, getting into all of the crevices you see. Vacuum carpet to remove all traces of baking soda and salt. The dead fleas and flea eggs should vacuum up along with the baking soda and salt mixture.In addition to treating your carpets, launder pet bedding and human bedding frequently to get rid of flea eggs. For severe flea infestations in the home, consult a professional pest control .pany to treat the inside of your home, including your furniture and carpeting. Bring all animals, both canine and feline, into the vet for treatment, so they don’t spread from pet to pet or around your home. If youre trying to control fleas from a natural and holistic perspective, then you have to be sure to treat all of the parts involved and some spaces (like your dogs indoor bedding, .pared to your dogs space outdoors) may require different forms of treatment than others. Check out reliable pros, refer to Auckland Pest Control for assistance that fit your needs About the Author: 相关的主题文章: