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There is something to look forward to? Rumors of sina mobile phone AirPods wireless headset on sale next week news November 11th morning news, rumors appeared in the AirPods wireless headset iPhone 7 conference in September this year, finally in the next week will be shipped, some apple retail stores have received show with AirPods products. In the fall of September press conference, Apple Corp launched a lot of highlights and controversy AirPods. In the evaluation of iPhone 7, we have talked about, this headset is an unexpected surprise at the iPhone 7 conference. But it is the sale process of twists and turns, the conference said "at the end of October, after the unexpected delay, said:" the market response to AirPods incredible. But we can not be ready to sell the product. Consumers just need to wait a little longer." The latest news is that a German blog display, Apple authorized dealer Conrad online customer service staff said, AirPods will start the supply in November 17th, customers can purchase at 18-19 day (but now their website AirPods delivery time is 7-8 weeks). In addition to news that some apple store has received a show with AirPods, I hope it can catch up with the end of December shopping season. (Xiao Guang)相关的主题文章: