This girl, I thank you for heaven’s father (Figure) aquaria

"This girl, I thank you for the father in heaven" (map) original title: "the girl, I thank you for the father in heaven" sell Salted Duck Egg father sudden illness fell to the ground, after the hospital still did not come to the rescue. Half a month later, he received a video sent by relatives, a young girl to save his father’s life, kneeling on the ground for emergency treatment, this lens let him once again tears run. He sent micro-blog looking for the most beautiful nurse, the whole city hot turn, the results of the day. The girl is a graduate of this year’s college students, learning nursing profession, working in beauty salons. Event playback: "not be correct?" She had been on the bus for 5 seconds, or rushed up. The beauty salon has arrived late, nearly 20 yuan deducted attendance fee. Video recording is to rescue father live, small tears ran the morning of October 18th, Emihiro Hiroshi " summericetea2016" Bowen said, looking for the most beautiful nurse rescue father, two photos with on-site rescue. Mr. Wang said, at noon on September 30th, he returned to Liaoyang from Dandong, his father left for a sudden heart attack. My father is 53 years old this year, by selling Salted Duck Egg in Liaoyang city to carry. Two days ago, Shen ban in misery, Mr. Kim received two videos, relatives sent to him, which is the father fell during a girl on the scene first aid be strangers to each other. The girl tried to rescue, and artificial respiration, Mr. Kim was a picture of tears, "father from before the end can feel of his love of society, there are well intentioned people to save his life and I want to find her, fling caution to the winds, thank you to say." As you can see from the video, the photographer said, "this girl is so good, I have to shoot her." Blue clothes, jeans, Mr. Kim as "Liaoyang the most beautiful nurse girl". Micro-blog in Liaoyang issued, users store velocity, then 10, Mr. Kim received a phone call from you, "the girl I know, called Ma Wanru." She ran down the anxious people in September 30th from the bus, Ma Wanru in the circle of friends sent a picture and accompanying text: today for the first time feel the nursing professional white did not learn, I pride myself today, because I save a cardiac arrest on the road today passers-by. 18, Ma Wanru recalled what happened that day, still excited, for the first time to save alone, when the hands are a little shaky."   the same day as early as 7:30, Ma Wanru in the Baita District South Gate 7 bus station waiting for the bus. After getting on the bus, the driver shouted, "it looks as if someone has fainted!" Ma Wanru through the window to see the sidewalk next to the green belt lying a person. Ma Wanru and the driver ran past, this guy’s are seen, "this is not to sell the Salted Duck Egg uncle?"   Ma Wanru bent down and tried with the pulse of carotid arterial pulse disappeared, no chest downs, no spontaneous breathing, mydriasis, "this is a cardiac arrest, to send the hospital, must rescue immediately." Say: "you hold, emergency support car right away!" Ma Wanru know, cardiac arrest patients every second is the prime time to rescue.相关的主题文章: