Tibetan folk nearly one thousand war badge about the history of the war of resistance against Japan-jinshen

Tibetan folk nearly thousand years of war on war badge history – Beijing, Beijing, Quanzhou, September 3 Xinhua: Tibetan folk nearly 1000 pieces of historical stories about war badge reproduction War author Liao Jing September 3rd is China people’s Anti Japanese War victory day. The Quanzhou Fujian folk badge collector Wang Shaoteng is also more than usual one thing, that is to show the circle of friends of WeChat in recent years, the collection of nearly 1000 medals and many anti Japanese War memorial. "Remember the history, forget national humiliation"…… An important historical period to witness the badge of the war of resistance against japan. The Anglo Dutch War Victory Medal in the Quadruple Alliance, the famous Japanese generals general Xue Yue issued a "loyalty salvation". In thirty-two years, Jiang Jieshi awarded to the two crew Zhang Yuehuo medal…… In his collection, some wear, corrosion, as well as the yellowing of the remains of the object of the story of the passing of the past. Wang Shaoteng believes that these objects are the shadow of history, can lead to a lot of stories. For example, Song Qingling, He Ningxiang and other components of the Council issued a small battle of Shanghai National Disabled Hospital Service Medal, you can see the famous doctor Guo Qingrong’s war and saving; a community of post-war Martyrs Memorial will Shanghai badge, can show the enthusiasm of Anti Japanese war." "And some of the objects in the history of the record can be dug up some stories that are not well known." Wang Shaoteng said that in 1940, Quanzhou Huian Zhang ban Xiang Fu Shan Cun businessman Ceng Yunxiang and Huang Changming of Xiamen in Hongkong joint venture "Taiping shipping company, to hire a Jew with its China wives named" Shuzhen "," Shu Lian "ships, and then by the Japanese China crew survived the robbery, Zhang Yuehuo eventually became the Anti Japanese the hero," a lot of people do not know the story of the origin of the vessel." Will the community war memorial Songhu Japanese memorial memorial badge. Respondents for such as lurking in the story of the object can be found everywhere. The 46 year old Wang Shaoteng badge collection of more than ten years, in order to collect some rare badges, perennial run all over the country, collecting all kinds of overseas Chinese veterans to different groups of medals, medals, medals protection team member card, you can make him Marvel also occurred in some of the way the story. "The Japanese star general Xue Yue issued a military medal, from the economic conditions are not very good in a famous war veterans from the hand of their offspring, then spent more than three months to buy back. But later, the Veteran General Xue Yue’s descendants also take Shouyu and military awards. The edge get so many historic objects, Wang Shaoteng call "this one too harvest". While talking about why you want to collect the war badge, Wang Shaoteng also talked about his story. "I had accidentally met a Tibetan who, after his death, his children will collect more than and 300 badges for sale, I think the badge so nice, how it was sold so cheap." He immediately bought the more than and 300 badges, since the card was fascinated by the story, and then he began to go around to collect badges, began to study the history of the story and the emblem of mutual echo. )相关的主题文章: