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Build scientific Games Japan autopilot development 3D HD map of 2020 Summer Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo, in order to make the sense of science and technology of the Olympic Games, the Japanese government intends to hit the road in 4 years of actual vehicle automatic driving. In autopilot, a fine 3D map is one of the key elements, Dynamic Map Planning (dynamic map planning) project was born. Dynamic Map Planning by MITSUBISHI motors, mapping company Znerin as well as 9 other car manufacturers jointly founded, high-definition 3D map R & D work will be launched in September. To this end, MITSUBISHI motors will be installed on a dedicated car map mapping tool, GPS mark positioning, the sensor is responsible for measuring road grade. In order to accurately draw the map, the company will also use laser technology to determine all landmarks, road signs, roadway, the location of sound barrier. The use of a special vehicle is a way to map the image of the road, but it is not the fastest way. Earlier this year, CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) conference, TOYOTA’s first exhibition of its research and development of cloud mapping system. In this system, each car will be a map maker, through the GPS and the camera to collect the road surface image and location data, and then through the cloud integration, the map can be accurate to 5 cm. The mapping of the 3D map will start from a highway that runs up to 300 kilometers, which is almost a mandatory step before driving into public use. The group also plans to include a map of the country in Japan, but in this area, Google and a number of technology start-ups occupy a dominant position. Today, 3D has been used to map some civil navigation software, such as Google and apple, provides 3D maps are part of the National City, such as Apple’s Flyover 3D, but the accuracy is not satisfactory. As for some domestic navigation software 3D map, strictly speaking is not the real 3D, but such as Kay intersection intersection map simulation, zoom and other functions still has a certain role in the complex intersection of guide. However, like Dynamic Map Planning involving all Japan’s 3D HD map project, even on a global scale is rare. Some experts pointed out that the cost of the project will be up to hundreds of millions of dollars, if you do not reduce costs, there may not be able to catch up before 2020 to complete the drawing.相关的主题文章: