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To respond to the United States group comments cut twenty thousand "rumors and rumors will sue beauty media group comments Phoenix Technology News News October 28th, U.S. official comment said today that the" Beijing time "," transit goods business review "two media recently released" lactation staff are quit beauty group in fourth rounds of layoffs storm "and" the new large layoffs of 20 thousand people, "blood" O2O "a sigh", there are a lot of false content in fabrication, and composition of the U.S. seriously discredit the comment for libel, the US has to take legal means to comment on false media reports "Beijing time" (Beijing Limited by Share Ltd) "transit goods business review (" Beijing transit goods world Technology Co., Ltd.) pursue legal responsibilities. The United States delegation comments relevant responsible person said, with the business strategy to upgrade and enhance operational efficiency, the U.S. Group reviews catering platform made the organizational optimization of the support post, involving the adjustment of personnel staff ratio is about 1%, and the individual media said "the proportion of layoffs from 50%. In pregnancy, maternity leave and lactation period of three employees, all preferred to keep their jobs, there is no mandatory optimization, "said department of nursing staff are It is sheer fiction..". Said the U.S. group comments, false reports "was forced to leave the United States mission staff will be involved in more than 1 thousand city of nearly 20 thousand people, the proportion of layoffs could reach 50% or" argument is purely fictitious, rumors released after a lot of media, micro-blog and WeChat and other public number spread, serious harm to the U.S. group comments the enterprise goodwill. U.S. mission called on the media to identify false information, refused to spread fabricated speech.相关的主题文章: