To the Chinese stock market do not fight and do not keep, not die not to go! freyja

To the Chinese stock market: do not fight and do not keep, not die not to go! In the well-known private trader, this Phoenix securities researcher. From today onwards, Costa Rica officially arrived in Phoenix securities WeChat heavy news comments a day exclusive release affect the stock market in the Phoenix securities WeChat, from the fundamentals, the policy side, the main face to the market, the company Everything is contained therein.. Try to let everybody understand the stock market, known to retreat. Costa Rica’s slogan is, no comment, not the stock market; no explanation, no news. Day hot event interpretation: the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange on the classification of fund management guidelines for the establishment of 300 thousand Yuan Securities Class asset threshold Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange on the grading fund business management guidelines for comments. Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, said investors improve the appropriateness of the system, the establishment of investors 300 thousand Yuan Securities Class asset threshold, the guidance of the deadline for comments on October 9, 2016. Costa Rica comments: for so many years, the idea of regulators has not changed, still give investors a variety of barriers. Before the expected futures exchanges to reduce the threshold, so that individual investors involved in the transaction, the funds are now even started censoring the classification. For this lazy regulatory thinking, just want to say: by Costa rica! Commission to amend the listing rules to shorten the duration of the suspension reorganization Commission spokesman Deng Ge said at a regular news conference, the exchange has issued guidelines to stop the resumption of the day before, the Commission makes the corresponding revision. A revision is to shorten the cold period, shortened from 3 months to 1 months; two is the subject of the transaction related matters clear project standards, including environmental protection, construction can not be on the board of directors is unable to obtain the documents before the resolution, should make a significant risk disclosure; the next step will be to strengthen supervision of mergers and acquisitions group.   comment: good brother. Finally did. China August CPI 1.3% year on year in August, China’s CPI up by 1.3%, expected to be $1.7%, the former value of 1.8%. August PPI -0.8%, expected -0.9%, the former value of -1.7%. CPI has been three consecutive months in the "1 times", hit a new low since last October; PPI index for 54 consecutive months of decline, but the decline has continued for 8 consecutive months narrowed. Costa Rica comments: CPI year has declined for 4 consecutive months, inflation continued downward pressure. Analysts generally believe that CPI is expected to rebound in September, August will be the lowest point in inflation. China Merchants Bank Asset Management Liu Dongliang, Chen Zheng believes that the foreseeable stage, the inflationary pressures will not constitute a constraint on monetary policy, monetary policy to further relax the time window is not closed in fact. Further easing is expected in the course of the year is still very large, but the specific changes in the policy remains to be reflected in the macroeconomic performance. CICC fixed income team Chen Jianheng, Fan Yangyang pointed out that although the relaxation of monetary policy is not ideal to promote the economic effect, but low inflation will make the global monetary policy is maintained in relaxed state even further relax. Domestic monetary policy from the next two or three quarters of time, there is still room for relaxation and momentum. In September 90 companies were net holdings of 10 billion yuan of important shareholders to reduce the frequency of statistics data show that in September, the announcement date calculation, there are changes in the shares of major shareholders of 119 listed companies. Among them, the overall net reduction side;相关的主题文章: