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Business Custom gantry design is what Tony Gee International, a designer of bridge-building equipment and temporary works, is known for. During the course of its illustrious career, the .pany has been responsible for a number of notable innovations in the field of custom gantry design. These include the first custom precast segmental balanced cantilever erection gantry, whose design provided the necessary stability to resist the out-of-balance moments arising during construction. This feature is now a .mon .ponent of all gantries. Other Tony Gee innovations include the first custom formwork gantry, whose design included hydraulic wedges to release the formwork. This innovation eliminated the need for heavy jacks to raise the whole structure. Tony Gee international was also the first to develop a custom design incorporating a precast segmental balanced cantilever erection gantry to use a single long-stroke hydraulic ram for raising, lowering, and rotating the segments and a custom cast-in-place, span-by-span formwork gantry which was split longitudinally into two separate halves while launching. These innovations have been used successfully in a number of major projects throughout the world. For example, the custom precast segmental balanced cantilever erection gantry, whose design was customised for the needs of the Israeli firm of Solel Boneh, was used to successfully .plete the construction of the three bridges on the East-West Highway near Jerusalem and is now operating on a series of similar bridges in a .plex interchange near Haifa. This penchant for innovation is founded on a vast background of expertise and experience, particularly on the part of the .panys founder, Tony Gee. After nearly 20 years designing and building major steel and concrete bridges in the UK and abroad with leading consulting engineers and contractors, he founded Tony Gee and Partners in the UK in 1974. In 1982, he went on to found Tony Gee + Quandel [now Heath & Lineback Engineers] in Atlanta, Georgia, following the success of which, he founded Tony Gee International in Tallahassee, Florida, in 1997. One of the primary activities of all three firms was, and continues to be, the conception, formulation and detailed implementation of .plete erection schemes for the construction of major bridges, with a particular emphasis on the design of special purpose-built erection equipment. Tony Gee International has, since its inception, .bined a satisfaction-centred approach with innovative thinking to redefine the bridge equipment industry. The .panys custom gantry designs have helped lower costs and deliver increased levels of structural performance. Satisfied customers have often testified to the advantages offered by Tony Gees equipment. These include the unique, specialised, customised nature of its equipment as well as its ease-of-use. For more information on custom gantry design, visit TonyGeeInternational. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: