Trust and Investment how to collect the trust products

Trust and Investment: trust product handling fees how to close We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Source: the first gold network as a financial institution for the purpose of profit, the trust company in the operation, management trust financial products naturally to collect fees. Trust fees are based on the object of investment, various types of trust financial products and the amount of fees charged by the object is not the same. Costs associated with fixed income trust products fixed income trust products, a fixed income trust financial products, fixed income trust financial products related to the management fee is generally charged to the financing side (borne by the trust property), and investors in general Never mind, the client trust contract in the expected net income is fairly fixed trust the net wealth gains. Fixed income trust property costs borne mainly include: the trustee (trust) trust received compensation, the custodian (custodian) custodial fees, the trust documents books making and printing costs, the trust plans of daily management fees collected (transportation, communications, insurance, law, auditing, etc.) gains people’s conference call the relevant expenses and funds transfer fees, the termination of the trust of the liquidation expenses, for the protection and Realization of the trust property and the expenses and in accordance with the relevant provisions shall be made by the trust property bear other expenses. The specific amount of the fee for each company each contract are different. Two, securities investment trust financial products related to cost of securities investment trust financial products (private sun) related costs, the cost of trust financial products although also by the trust property bear, but highly correlated with investor relations, because the interests of investors is the balance of the trust property after deducting all relevant expenses. Expenses related to securities trust financial products mainly include: fixed management fee (payable to trust companies, the net rate is about 1%-1.5%), floating charge (investment adviser charge, part of the profit rate is generally 20%), custodial fees (custodian bank charge, rate is generally about 0.25% of the net, subscription fee (usually) is about 1%), the subscription funds redemption fee (usually in a closed period redemption charge exorbitant redemption fee, more than free) and information disclosure fee, silver trust affairs such as accountants and lawyers employ intermediate costs, the termination of the trust of the liquidation expenses, securities and other investments transaction fees and other fees, stamp duty of trust the use of property management and disposition in the process of other related taxes and fees. Three, equity investment trust financial products related to cost of equity investment (PE) expenses related to trust financial products, such as trust financial products and securities trust products, the last interest of investors also trust property deducts all related cost. Equity investment class (PE) trust financial products related costs are: trust subscription fee (when the purchase of additional trust collection, subscription amount of about 2%), fixed management fees相关的主题文章: