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Turkey Museum of zhenguanzhibao: Meteorites per cent milk goddess [eleven] – Sohu of Turkey tourism town Searl Cukor Museum has many from Ephesus near the site of ancient Rome to dig out the important cultural relics, the museum is a multi company is higher than the real idol. The statue was so strange that it was related to a meteorite. 3000 years ago, a huge meteorite fell to Ephesus, and its surface had a lot of prominence, shaped like a woman’s breasts. Local residents believe that this is the Greek myth of the goddess Artemis falls, so it will be carved into statues enshrined in the temple of Artemis. This touch the sky temple was built in BC 652 years, after 100 years to complete, is regarded as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. In 356 BC July 21st, Greek hero Sidatesi in order to make themselves down even burned down the temple. Later, the rapid development of Christianity, the reconstruction of the temple also settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Until 1982 Turkey archaeologists at the site 3 meters deep excavated hundreds of pieces of cultural relics, including the goddess artemis. The temple of Artemis was one of the largest ancient Greek temple, now in the temple site, people used to dig out the marble mosaic a pillar as a marker, from the remnants of the foundation ruins can still want to see it in the majestic. Artemis is the daughter of Jose, her head hunting and the beast in ancient Greek mythology, was later regarded as the moon. The moon has been the patron saint of the town of Artemis statue everywhere. In the era of ancient hunting and hunting activities carried out at night, while the female reproductive ability is strong and high symbol of the earth, so much milk is a collection of images of the goddess of moon worship and worship of the ancient female genital. The most beautiful man in the museum, the most beautiful of all the universe, is the king of the universe. Jose because of Artemis beauty can not refuse any request of her, Artemis asked Jose for the clergy and not marry for life’s request, Jose all agreed. The museum has several statues of Artemis, the Christian apostle in St Paul "Ephesians" mentioned in the meteorite black and shiny, so meteorites carved zhenguanzhibao should be this one. This piece of valuable art treasures benevolently, vivid expression, vivid and delicate carving art. In addition to zhenguanzhibao, there is also a collection of many worthwhile collections, above this "Cupid" looks like a dolphin riding "and" the king of glory ". Chuang-tzu in the "Chuang-tzu" peripateticism said: North Ming fish, called kun. Kun, do not know its thousands of miles. In addition, there are some museum can not describe the adult exhibits, minors should be accompanied by visitors to visit. More original travel notes, please pay attention to my public number: ranma96相关的主题文章: