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Come and experience the joy of Wanda theme park water "crazy life must, no dream of Huizhou", regardless of your favorite unique residential areas of Huizhou white walls and black tiles, or fall in the village of ancient bridges, whether you want to experience the dream of Jiangnan still want to feel the wind a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, Anhui Anhui rhyme Huizhou architectural features, Hefei Wanda the theme park will give you all! Wanda theme park happy water effect plans Wanda theme park to experience the joy of water and water to go with the characteristics of the southern waters of Xitang but also Zhouzhuang, too far away? There is a region in Hefei in front of their own home in the theme park, not only can enjoy the unique charm of Jiangnan, feel the picturesque style of Huizhou, but also with friends, classmates or other half enjoy playing, feel a variety of entertainment facilities to bring the fun and excitement! Here, visitors can enjoy playing the instrument as a toy to enjoy, experience the charm of ancient instruments; a huge ferris wheel to watch the spectacular scenery of Chaohu; more can sprint 26 meters fly up to Chashan canal, 80 km per hour into the surf pool, eyes waves, towering splash let visitors feel the thrilling high-speed surfing in the pleasant scenery and appreciate. Fly to the canal Dasan cuddling, watch the beauty of Chaohu in the high altitude couples can also embark on a crane, staged a confession of love or romantic proposal in the colorful Ferris wheel, like from the campus love entered the marriage hall, dog abuse index of five stars! To play with classmates can experience the colorful dye stimulation, the class thrown up, roll up, pressure, worries what all lose! How many years you may also remember sitting in the next classmate carefree roared, young is impatient. The mill crane of Hefei Wanda cultural tourism city is located in Hefei New District of Binhu City, Chaohu Wanda Group invested by the shore. The project total investment of more than 30 billion, of which 19 billion yuan investment in cultural tourism, Hefei Wanda cultural tourism city covers an area of 100 hectares, the total construction area of 900 thousand square meters, planning culture, tourism, commercial, hotel four content. Hefei Wanda cultural tourism after the construction of the city will be able to accommodate 50 thousand tourists, the daily reception capacity of up to 100 thousand people, the annual reception of up to 20 million passengers, the placement of tens of thousands of people. According to reports, the city of Hefei Wanda grand in September 24th will be opened, at present, Hefei Wanda park has started its trial operation, visitors can through the "Hefei Wanda Park" official micro signal the first time to understand the ticket information. Bring your family together in Hefei Wanda city! Colorful dyehouses相关的主题文章: