Wang Zhonglei Feng Xiaogang I hope the event like Wanda shelling haze as scattered by the wind –

Wang Zhonglei Feng Xiaogang: I hope the event like Wanda shelling haze as scattered by the wind – Sohu culture channel newspaper news (reporter Xiao Yang) sponsored by the Southern Metropolis Daily of the sixteenth Chinese Film Media Awards Awards last night, Feng Xiaogang in the "old gun" won the best actor award, Huayi film President Wang Zhonglei won the "hundred media annual tribute film". The day of the awards, Feng Xiaogang and Wang Jianlin "rip", came to the scene of Wang Zhonglei pressed the matter, he hoped the matter like the same haze second days by the wind blowing on the loose: "the first day of release in the" I am not Pan Jinlian ", the most concern is actually the things outside of this movie — sorry. I really want to say that Chinese movies are really not so easy, everyone is doing things very seriously – hope that every movie will not be outside of the film interference. I firmly believe that Feng Xiaogang’s film will get some applause and return." The Chinese Film Media Awards led by director Peter Chan, mainland, Hongkong and Taiwan film professionals. Hsiao-Hsien Hou with the "Assassin Nie concealed woman" won best film and best director of two heavyweight awards, Xu Haofeng’s "master" won the best screenplay, Xin Yu Kun first feature film "heart with labyrinth" won the best new director, "old gun" Feng Xiaogang and the "intruder" old drama of bone Lu top actor, actress spring and summer, with the "tap" in the "blood for energy-saving" corner of Wang Jiamei won the best new actor award. Feng Xiaogang night and the future to the scene to accept the award, came to the scene of the Wang Zhonglei has become the focus. Wang Xiaoshuai’s "intruder" received hundreds of media annual tribute film, asked how he looked to Feng Xiaogang dissatisfaction about Wanda row piece Wang Xiaoshuai said himself to your circle of rules are not very familiar: "it has been very good. He took a commercial film to enhance the Chinese film box office, he took the film, want to win the prize also won. He’s got it all. In fact, he is already very high, 40%, my film was ranked at the time of the 1%."相关的主题文章: