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WatchOS 3 Update 9 new features Summary – Sohu digital       iOS  10 also launched heavy software updates and watch  OS  3, Apple  Watch  Series  1 have to upgrade.         compared to the past, the main improvement is that the application can stay in the RAM, so you can reduce the time required for loading. In addition, there are new dial elements, handwriting input method, quick response and Dock control center.         in this year’s autumn conference, Apple also demonstrated with Apple  Watch play Pokemon  Go. WatchOS  3 major updates are as follows: 1, faster boot speed control center         Apple said watchOS  the response speed of 3 applications faster, is 7 times the previous open application, without waiting, and provide the latest application information, in addition, watchOS  3 Apple  Watch side key function was renamed "Dock", from the bottom of the screen can slide on the breath control center, pressing can switch between the various sectors. 2, the new dial         apple in watchOS  3 brought many new applications and dial extension support, including a new dynamic, sporty dial dial Mickey and digital dial etc.. One significant upgrade allows you to change the current moment by sliding the dial to your ongoing activities, or to match your mood, choose your most elegant style of love when you can work in on the dial, and Activity should be used as part of the dial information can also display on the dial, with you the day’s activities. And then when you are ready to exercise, you can quickly switch to a more active type of dial. 3.  Activity  Sharing (    motion sharing)     Activity  Sharing allows you to share your motion information to the "sports circle", the formation of a healthy competition and incentive, similar to WeChat in the "WeChat", it not only can display the number of steps, contact time, stand exercise time can be displayed together, and through voice, voice to text or online interactive Scribble handwriting. 4, new breath application         Breathe (respiratory) application can make your Apple.相关的主题文章: